Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms......

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Symptoms, symptoms, symptoms......

Whew..... Seems like the pg is in full "game on" mode over the past week.
Nausea is really getting common for me, i cant stand the taste of coffee anymore, still tired, and i cried the whole afternoon of the rerun of that 1990's movie "deep impact" about the comet that collides with the planet.
I didnt have this much nausea with DD, but the coffee thing is the same as with her pg.
I feel like i could cry over just about anything right now.

Anyone else's symptoms kicking into high gear?

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Definitely feeling more nauseated, enough so that I sometimes have to stop what I'm doing b/c feel so icky but *knock on wood* haven't puked yet. Coffee sounds so unappetizing to me right now. I used to love to have my cup or two in the morning, even bought some decaf last month, but my nose and stomach just says no now.

I think my emotions are more volatile now. I find myself feeling fine and then snapping at DH over some little thing. I also get teary eyed easily. While we were watching the July 4th parade, I was tearing up and my lip was trembling while watching the veterans go by. Then it happened again when the fire truck and a local marching band came by. The only thing that kept me from bawling my eyes out on the sidewalk was the fact that we were in a huge crowd of people. If I was at home the waterworks would have been flowing!'s picture
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I'm feeling kinda crappy the last few days. I never had morning sickness with my previous pregnancies, and I don't really now ... but I'm so bloated that i feel like i could vomit. Just a few sips of water or anything to eat make me feel like my stomach is overflowing into my chest and if I bend over or lean the wrong way, it's all gonna come pouring right out of me. Carbonated drinks help, but there aren't any that are particularly healthy. I'm going to pickup plain carbonated water today.

Otherwise, i can deal with the super sore bbs, crazy dreams, extra tears, and (tmi) excessive cm.

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Nausea, nausea, and more nausea, a few nights i have had o stop mid dinner otherwise i would have thrown up, most of the time it comes after i eat, but is the worst first thing in the am my stomach just rolls. I have only actually puked once thankfully.
I use life saver mints to instantly combat it, i find them to be helpful and it just looks like i have bad breath. lol, oh and the burping is soooo nasty. naps some days but not others.
I haven't told anyone except Dh and my mom, it is hard to keep it secret from my sister. I just am not ready to tell anyone else yet.

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Everything is completely different with this baby, then with my other 2. For starters my Breasts are growing(they didn't budge at all with my other 2 pregnancies) and they are horribly sore. Nausea only when I'm in the car, I find myself snapping at DF over the silliest things. I nap pretty much every day ( I never napped or was ever tired with my other pregnancies). It's taking a lot of getting used to.

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Feel like everything is kicking in full gear with me too this week. Much more nauseous. Much much more tired. I feel like I'm in a fog. And every single little itty bitty thing is making me cry!! My bloating hasn't gone down, it's just starting to feel different, more pressure. Breasts hurt, but no sign of growth (which is good since they are freaking massive already), and my nipples look different, big and dark... that might be oversharing. lol sorry