Third tri Here we come

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Third tri Here we come

Hey everyone just wondering who else is excited about the final stretch.

Third trimester her we come!!!



I am so excited that we have all the hoildays to keep us busy.

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I am SO happy to be in the final stretch!!! I am so over being pregnant, lol. I know December is just going to fly by just as November has...then it's "go time" for me- ill be about 37 weeks in the second week of January, so I'm sure I will be impatiently waiting for any sign labor is about to start. Not much longer now ladies. Can't wait:)

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Stressed... My list for the last 10 weeks (I'm 30 weeks today) includes:
My oldest's 5th birthday (dec 14)
My middles 3rd birthday (jan 6)
Empty out the extra bedroom (currently office/storage) which requires rearranging our bedroom to fit hubby's desk/computer)
Move middle ds to new big boy room
Reorganize nursery for new baby
Do all the baby supply shopping (we got rid of a lot of stuff after ds2)
And clear out the garage so I can park in there again now that it's snowing!

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Mainly hoping I don't blow up like a balloon. Glad we're not travelling this Christmas, I couldn't face it. Still trying to get a million things done at work and redecorate a room for our son!

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I have a strange love/hate relationship with the Holidays. DH's birthday is Nov 8th, His work holiday party (black tie affair) is on Nov 23rd this year (today), My dad's birthday is on Nov 25th. Thanksgiving with DH family is the 28th this years. Then we do a small family one at home that weekend when we put up our Christmas tree. My older brother birthday is Dec 7th, DS 3rd birthday is Dec 21st, Christmas Eve at my MIL's, Christmas day at DH's aunt's house. The day after Christmas is when we celebrate with dinner and a few gifts. We lug gifts around to all of these events. Then New years. We celebrate 2xs sometimes 3. Not to mention we still haven't even begun to touch the upstairs bedroom. Planning to pack the entire thing this week and next week. Then patching and painting, New paint, Then it's re-doing what is currently our room to the nursery. We haven't bought any large purchases for baby yet.

GOOD LORD, I am tired just typing all this!

I'll be 28 weeks on Wednesday and I cannot wait to hit the 30 week mark. Very impatient over here, ready to be in the home stretch!

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Right now baby boy is kicking the stuffing out of me and I STILL can't believe we're this far! I'm very excited to be in the third tri, but the next month will having my head spinning with busy. I love the holidays, but I'm a little (no, a lot) overwhelmed this year! My daughter's bday is the 19. We seem to have a lot of little ones with December bdays here Smile
We are traveling for thanksgiving and Christmas, but no flying, just driving about 5 hours each way. I have informed everyone that next year they come to us and the baby lol
I'm SOOO excited to meet this new tiny person, and to see my kids and hubby with him. I'm also excited to buy all the things for the nursery. We agreed to wait until after the holidays, so January is shopping time! Smile

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So glad to be entering third trimester and be nearly done, however not looking forward to the bodily discomforts that will probably come with it. We flew out for an early Thanksgiving/Christmas with DH's side of family this past weekend since his parents are going on cruise over Christmas. We only had to buy gifts for our one young nephew on that side as we made a group decision not to exchange any gifts among the adults (yay!). We have Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday. DS's 2nd birthday is mid December. I'm trying to convince my family to not do an adults' Christmas gift exchange this year or if people feel they must give me something to donate the money to an animal shelter instead. Don't have much left to prepare for new baby other than get out, clean, and organize the newborn/infant stuff. I did some major house cleaning before we left for our trip and would like to do another deep clean before baby's arrival.