Those of you with BP issues

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Those of you with BP issues

I was going to do this as a reply on another thread but didn't want it buried under other stuff. Those of you having BP issues, are your providers checking other stuff out like running blood labs to check your liver enzymes and platelet levels and a 24hr urine catch for protein. I mention because when my BP climbed up with DS my midwife decided to check those things and that is how they determined I was having HELLP syndrome. I had no other noticeable symptoms at my appointment other than the high BP and am so thankful she caught it. Not to be an alarmist and HELLP is rare, but very serious if it goes undetected. Just want to make sure all mamas & babies are doing okay Smile

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I agree. Many moms are virtually asymptomatic. My dr. Has done labs twice, but i dont have any scheduled again. I think they are waiting to see if the protein increases in my urine before doing more. I kind if wish they were a little more aggressive, but they aren't.

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i agree with these moms... With my oldest I had rapid onset severe pre-e... only "symptom" aside from a rise in BP was swelling in my feet that didn't get better (my leg went from my thigh/knee straight down).

I actually just bought a monitor at walgreens cause I'm a little concerned about my bp at the moment (see my doc tomorrow). It's starting to climb but there could be environmental issues (lots of eating out lately, lots of busy stuff and whatnot). So, I've made some changes to diet and activity and I'm not swelling so I'm not scared but I want to be on top of it considering my history (pre-e with #1 but not with #2) and current GD. I'm also 36 weeks (37 on saturday) so if we need to call it I need to be able to set some stuff up.

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The weird thing for me was that I didn't know I had high BP until I went in for my 36 week appointment. I was running low at prior appointments. It would have been easy to say "let's wait and see what happens over the next few days or at your next appointment" but my midwife just thought something could be going on that wasn't obvious and wanted to check some other things to be sure. I'm so thankful she was proactive with the labs and caught it in time. Because of that I'm taking my BP at home and watching out for common symptoms (headache, blurred vision, R upper quadrant pain, swelling - though I didn't have these last time). I've read/heard I'm at slightly higher risk for getting it second time, but I'm really hoping that's not the case.

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I have highISH blood pressure, and my dr has been watching me like a hawk. There hasn't been any sudden rises, I have virtually no swelling at all, and they do urine checks for protein all the time.
She really freaked me out telling me all about this stuff, so I know she's watching for it lol
Sorry about your complications before!