Told DH the news!

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Told DH the news!

Finally found the right time to tell my very anxious DH about our surprise. He took it the way I expected, being very concerned and dramatic for a few hours, but then calmed down and started to tease me and have a giggle. He maybe had a bit of a talk with himself. I'm so grateful actually that it has gone okay in the end.

We had a little laugh about this being a 'Berliner Baby' because we worked out that we must have been on our trip to Germany when we conceived - we were there 2 months in Berlin. So we have our nickname for the tot. I'm sure DH will have a few more wobbles but I feel much better now that he knows, and we will definitely cope just fine. I know he will fall in love with it too, he even said as much himself.

DH has big problems with anxiety, and suffers with some health problems, so I knew this would be a shock to him going from one to two unexpectedly. He is a good man though, my DH, when all is said and done.

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Congrats on it going well

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Glad it all went well for you! I know how hard it can be, my Dh is disabled, so I can relate.