Tonight's the night!

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Tonight's the night!

Had my 16 week appointment today and all is well!

So dinner tonight will be: Baby back ribs, roasted baby potatoes (red and white), steamed baby carrots and baby corn (the canned type--we never have those, so they should be suspicious! lol), and baby spinach salad. For dessert, baby cupcakes with light pink and light blue frosting Smile

Hopefully ONE of the kids will get the theme. Maybe with a little prompting... then we'll show them the u/s from our 12 week visit.

THEN we can tell everyone else! Which is good, because I'm tired of feeling fat and want an excuse! Wink

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Have fun!!

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Well?????? Howd it go!

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The kids were so funny--they were all like "why is everything baby?" I said "why do you think?" and they had all sorts of funny answers like "we like babies?" "Its for Oakley?" (our current 'baby' but my answer to them was that he is a toddler now, not a baby). They still didn't quite get it. I pulled out the cupcakes and announced we had baby cupcakes and asked if they wanted a girl or a boy. They all chose something--the boys chose blue of course and dd chose pink. They still didn't get it. On Monday nights we always have some family time, so after our family time doing some reading etc we asked the kids again why they think we had "baby" foods for dinner. They guessed that it was "baby" day. Dh said "well, yeah, kinda....why do you think so?" And ds1--who is 9.5-- said "oh!! Is mommy going to have another baby???!!!" We laughed and told him he guessed it. They all jumped around excited and happy Smile The toddler had no clue what was going on LOL Then we pulled out the u/s pics we got at my 12 week visit and showed them. They are all very excited Smile DD of course said she wants a girl, ds1 wants a sister too, ds2 said he wants twin boys! (no such luck on twins buddy lol) Dh and I of course hope for a girl to complete our family. We'll see in 4 weeks!

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So cute!!! What a fun thing. Smile