Took a spill

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Took a spill

Stupidest thing. It was pouring down rain and my ds's soccer game on Saturday so when we left, the grassy hill coming down from the field was slick. I picked up ds3 (21 months) so he wouldn't fall and get hurt. So then I fell with both of us! Landed on my knee so hard I tore open my pants at the knee and gashed my knee on something. Then twisted and landed on my backside, hurting my back and neck and dropping ds in the mud. Of course the whole team and parents were leaving so there were plenty of witnesses to my grace. :/ Dh worried--but baby is fine and moving plenty. I got home and showered and laid down for a bit. Luckily my back and neck are feeling better this morning.

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Yikes! Glad you're ok.

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Ouch! Glad everyone is ok!

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oh ouch, i would head to the chiropractor, and my dr. just to be sure of course.