Totally OT rant..

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Totally OT rant..

I just need a rant! I am so beyond knowing how to even talk to my sister these days! She is just acting like a complete moron! She and her dh struggle financially and are always in trouble, but it isn't always because of uncontrollable circumstances but their awful decisions and she won't listen to EVER!

Just LAST week she was crying to me about how she has not paid her electric bill or her cable bill since she moved into her apartment (mid-october after they were evicted from their last apt) so those both are about to be shut off. Then she got a 72hr eviction notice on her door for this newest place. They didn't have enough money for food etc. I am not in a great position to give her money right now and honestly don't feel like the money will help because she doesn't make smart decisions with her money. So she was able to get the money so she wouldn't get kicked out of her apartment again (but I don't think she got the other bills paid) by asking her bishop at church for help.

So what does she tell me today on messenger? Hey, we are probably getting a puppy today! WHAT THE HECK! Do you realize that puppies are a time AND money commitment? That they also need to be with dog food...and taken to the vet for shots/other ailments? And you cry every other month to me about how you cannot afford to feed your children or pay for their doctors bills? I don't care if the people are giving away the puppy, it is NOT a FREE thing! And its because she and her two kids have been wanting a puppy. I feel bad for the poor animal who is going to go without food and without vet care and without a home when they next get evicted. Oh, and when I mentioned how much animals can cost to feed her response was "they have food stamps for pet food and supplies" Oh, great, so go ahead and get a pet so that taxpayers can pay for it for you!

This is just on top of the other things she always tells me she is going to buy when her next paycheck or tax return comes back.

Ugh...why can't she just listen to a voice of reason? Sorry for the rant--had to just get this off my chest. She is on my facebook wall so I couldn't post a rant there.....

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I hate to hear about people like that and have known a few in my life. Dh and I legitimately struggle at times, but I always put bills, food and my children first before luxury. which cable is a luxery as far as im concerned. and while we have pets i have never ever let them go with out.. .or used food stamp money to pay for pet food.
what state does she live in that allows that???
It must be Massachusetts, We were visiting family over the summer and found out that you can not only bank your food stamp SNAP benifit but you can actually with draw cash for other needs.
WTF really forget buying food honey lets just take out the cash and buy smokes or booze, better yet lets go on vacation.
Ugh it just makes those who work hard and are trying to make things on there own look like losers. I really try not to feel bad about our situation since Dh is disabled, and we use the help but not abuse it.
Im in a state where you Use it or lose it! and you sure as heck can with draw cash.

sorry to rant back... lol I completely get what your saying. I had a friend like that who is no longer my friend..I was always like... maybe if you put your money to good use and set your priorities straight then you could save up for a pet, and quit asking for hand outs, and not pay the poor me card. Geez.

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It is hard to hear about people who struggle but then they continue to not make the best decisions for their situation. I don't want people to end up homeless and without food, especially when children, elderly, and disabled are involved, but when I hear of a situation like you described with your sister I'm just :confused:

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That's the whole reason I'm constantly upset by it. She always talks about how she cannot LIVE without her cable, or her high speed internet, or smart cell phones with full internet/data plans. How she wants to buy a car (mind you a huge SUV gas guzzler) for her 2 children (right now they take public transit and neither her nor her dh have a licence). And yet I cannot keep up on her current phone number ever because it changes so often after getting shut off. Or her electric is shut off constantly. When you are in that situation, to KNOWINGLY create more monthly bills/debt for yourself for luxuries? Its great to have a pet. Her children have some hamsters--perfect! They are small animals that don't require lots of food. But to get a dog? Just for it to end up in a shelter when she realizes she cannot feed it? And when I mention how much dog food is, to assume she will just have food stamps for it? Its like she isn't even trying! I know people get on hard times, and everyone does their best. But making the choice to bring a dog into the equation just seems so irresponsible when literally last week she was trying to figure out how to not be evicted.

Oh and she lives in Oregon. I think she has just heard about food stamps for pets, but hasn't looked into it yet. But I think she's going to get it because it takes no initial investment on her part because the puppy is being given away free. Which is why I think a re-homing fee is a great deterrent for people who would not care for an animal properly. Oh well, all I can do is give my advice that falls on deaf ears and let her make her own mistakes. BTW-this is my OLDER sister!