Two weeks!

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Two weeks!

Two weeks from today is our U/S! It seems so far away, but I'm sure time will just fly by.

Many of our friends do know now, though not everyone in our circles do yet. Just haven't been super loud about it all, and I'll offer it if the opportunity arises. But otherwise, it seems awkward to say "hey I'm pregnant" And I don't look extremely pregnant yet, so it isn't blatantly obvious. Plus its been cold--with sweaters etc that hide the belly I do have. I ought to take a pic now though. Maybe I'll finally participate in a hump day bump day post Wink Next week...:)

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Whoot. We can wait 2 weeks together. Our reveal in October 19th! I feel like a kid whose lost their candy because our doctors office already knows! as does a close family friend! I am thinking team pink (if my siggy does not give that away) Any feelings either way?

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I'm also in the ~2 week wait club since my anatomy scan will be on the 15th. At times I feel impatient waiting but part of me is savoring the wait because when the scan is done this will be our last scheduled look at baby until delivery, if all goes well.

I have people at work who I still haven't told I'm pregnant. I work per-diem on weekends so I don't see them regularly and my looser scrub tops have been partially hiding my bump, but they won't conceal it for much longer.