U/S and first prenatal appointment

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U/S and first prenatal appointment

I had both today! Everything is looking great so far:) baby's heartbeat was in the 170's and my Subchorionic hemmorage seems to be healing itself nicely- still there but small, so good news! I had gone in for an u/s a couple weeks ago for spotting and cramping (which is when they spotted the hemmorage) and was measuring 2 days ahead of my EDD going from my LMP. This u/s showed baby measuring 5 days ahead of Edd from LMP. My doctor most likely won't change my EDD since its only 5 days, but I'm going with an EDD of Jan. 31st, since I'm 97% sure that's when I ovulated and also when we conceived. At any rate, happy for a great appointment! Next appointment is in a month where I will also have the Nuchal screen done. (Anyone else doing this?) I will upload u/s pics. Once I figure out how to resize them from my phone;)

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Glad to hear your scan went well and that your hemmorhage is healing. I plan to do the nuchal screen too.

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I thought I replied to this last night:) But be preggo brain!

Anyway, congrats on the great appointment and that things are going in the right direction Smile

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Great to hear you had a good u/s. We are also offered the nuchal scan in my area and will opt to do it.

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I did the nuchal screen last time, but was with a different MD practice. I assume this one will offer it, too. If so, we will do it.

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Fantastic!!! Smile So happy for you!

We will do the nuchal screening too.