ultasound today

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ultasound today

so everything was great with baby, we still don't know the sex. I did have them write it down and they got a pic put it in envelope, so we can decided when we want or if we want to know.

Right now baby is way low in the pelvis, and my Dr. said baby is breech right now but kind of side ways so all my hip pain is from the baby kicking my nerves and what not.

I am guessing boy, we might have a party but we haven't figured out yet.

My only disappointment was i got crap for ultrasound pic's. four total and the gender one which i haven't seen.
Oh and they are all the same, creepy face frontal (looks like a skeleton), and one foot.

I wouldn't have been so upset but my Dr. set me up for a full hour and said i would get plenty of pictures.
I had more and better pics at my first ultrasound.

next appointment set in 4 weeks.

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oh sorry and i am measuring at about 22 weeks or 10 days ahead, and hb was 156

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I'm so glad all looks so great! Smile I only got a couple really lousy pics at my last ultrasound too. Was pretty bummed Sad

Let us know if/when you find out!!

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We didn't get a good picture either. Great that everything looks good though Smile x