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    Default Wardrobe planning

    Well, i was thinking i would reuse all of my other pg clothes from dd because last time i was due early April, so i had all winter cloths. But now my regular stuff is just feeling tight and icky. Theres no way ill still be in regular cloths in late august and september. Its still very warm here well into September and sometimes into October. I am thinking ill need some tshirt s and a few comfie dresses to bridge the gap. Im hoping to get some end of season sales.

    What are yalls plans?
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    I just went with my om to get some... I never really needed any with Ds1 as he came early (a couple pair of pants) and ds2 I was 2-3 sizes bigger so...

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    We are starting over. But that's ok because with my first all I had was 2 pairs of mat pants and a few shirts 5 maybe? This time I am much more into the cute outfits that I get to wear this fall. Bring on the legging and sweater dresses!
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    I think I will be okay because my last pregnancy I was due in winter so I think I have enough to get me through the fall & winter seasons. This will probably be my last pregnancy so I am trying to avoid buying more maternity clothes. I hope to be able to wear mostly regular clothes through the summer but have some bella bands if my pants/shorts get too tight to close all the way. I think I have one pair of maternity capris and shorts each so that should be plenty. I wear scrubs at work so my drawstring pants were pretty forgiving last time and I just wore a matching t-shirt when my scrub top became too tight. When I was big, I started wearing some of DH's shirts. Honestly, if I was at home and didn't plan on going anywhere, I was just throwing on whatever fit when it got to that point

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    I dug out my clothing from last time, but i only took out the tee shirts the 2 long sleeves, and 2 pairs of pants, and omg it hit me I was soo huge. i can't believe how much smaller i am this time, but i feel bigger already. lol pregnancy does funny things to your perception of body image.
    anyway most of my mat clothes are way too big and are for spring/ summer, not fall/ winter.
    I figure a few more pants and maybe a cute sweater will suffice. I did get 2 paris of capries second hand since most of my clothes are getting tight.

    I know that even though i was in my first tri during jan feb and march last go around i mostly only wore a hoodie since i was hot all the time. and it gets super cold her and snows a bunch.


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