Wedding pictures. (pic heavy)

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Wedding pictures. (pic heavy)

I know a couple of you ladies wanted to see pictures and who doesn't love sharing wedding pictures. For the time these are all the ones we have so none of Stetson sadly's picture
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Kendra! They're great! And you look beautiful Smile I love the close up of your hubby kissing your cheek as you smile at the camera. You're just beaming!

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Very pretty! You can tell you two are very much in love. Love the pink!!!!!

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Awww You almost made me cry, I only say almost as I am not usually one to get all teary anyway, but i am fighting back reflux and yuck ness. Now i want to whip out the wedding album of me and my Dh. Nothing like seeing two people so happy and obviously in LOVE!!!

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Oh how wonderful!! Thank you for sharing. You are a very pretty bride Smile What sweet pics.

Huge congratulations!

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Oh, I love them! They are really natural and beautiful and fun. I love that second shot of you in particular. Congrats!

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Awe! Those are awesome -- you both look like you had a blast!! Smile Photos to treasure for sure!!

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They're great and you both are obviously very happy in them... I love the one of your hubby with the flowers!!