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    Unhappy Weight Gain?

    Not really sure if I am alone in this. But I am starting to really freak out/ panic about the amount of weight I gain this pregnancy. I was a my heaviest before I got pregnant. I was heavier then even when I delivered my son 2.5 years ago. I am currently at 151 and am freaking about going over 160. Until I moved to Michigan I was extremely active in horses and was normally outside all the time. I usually was about 120 or so soaking wet. Never thought that I would be this upset about something like this I am not super into being skinny or work out multiple times a week.
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    I'm very sorry you are feeling bad. And very jealous about how much you weigh. lol
    Hope your stress calms down hun, you are doing great!
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    I too would love to be your size, but i completely understand how you feel. I have gained 11 lbs already. I never gained weigh so early when i was pg with Lilly. I feel soo fat, dh just keeps telling me its all baby, yeah right underneath my fat. Anyway my hips have already spread out i had to go out and buy maternity underwear so i could be comfortable. no way was i going to go up another size. the elastic was diggin in to my hips and i was soo uncomfortable.


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    Me too--I had lost about 15 lbs of baby weight from January to June, but feel like I've put it all back on the past 2 months of summer. A combination of constant snacking to keep nausea down, dh working much earlier than he used to so I can't get out and run and the kids being home for the summer so I don't feel I can get my exercise in when dh is gone. I keep telling myself there will be time to lose it when baby is here but I hear you, its hard to see the weight come on.
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    I havent gained any weight yet, but i do dread seeing the scale move. Since i delivered early last time, i got to skip the last 10 pounds or so of typical weight. Im just hoping to be more active with this pg since hopefully I'll feel better.
    I was reading some pg magazine and there was an article about weight gain, and the associated picture had this pg lady at
    About 6 months along, and the scale reading 126#. I just wanted to hit her in the face. Im not that small not pg, although would love to be, its just not my body type. Sigh.....
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