Went house looking today

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Went house looking today

So my mom and I went house looking today. Because whether i want to or not we have to move. no more room at the inn, so to speak. I was cleaning and taking things out of attic and putting things away in attic, and i get so upset that we just don't have the needed space here. I know we need to move but the details are crazy. My nesting instincts are coming out already and i am worried we will rush into a decision.
I guess we can make either work, but i am torn.
I also really did not want to move while prego, but i am not sure i want to move with a new baby either.

As you family has expanded, what did you do? what would you do? move before or after baby born?

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We are looking to move as well. 1100 square feet is not a lot of space for 4 people and 450 of it is the master bed room up stairs that it totally unusable for the kids. I want to move before Baby is here seems so much easier I have moved with a 9 month old before and its not fun at all

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I would vote for moving before baby is born. It may be crazy, but at least you can be settled when th baby arrives.
A friend of mine moved while pg with her last baby and she said it was fine.
My parents are moving here when their house sells, and i am so happy about that. Bt, as i look at houses with then, i am jealous..... I would love to move to a bigger house. But it's just not in the cards for us, we refinanced last year so we need to stay. This house is big enough for us, i just want more room and more space.. But thats luxury not necessity when this house is plenty big enough for what we have. ( i think this is me convincing myself that we do NOT need to move)
Good luck!

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If I was in your shoes, I would choose to move before baby's arrival as well. The nesting instinct will work in your favor when you are unpacking and getting organized at your new place. Plus, I just remember how sleep deprived and foggy brained I was with a newborn and would not want to be making any house finding and moving decisions during that time. You will want to use that time to snuggle and bond with baby, not worrying about packing, cleaning, moving, etc.

I would love to have an additional bedroom in our house (4 vs our current 3). We often have out of town family and friends visit and the guest bedroom comes in handy, but I like our house layout despite the limited storage (though it does prevent us from accumulating too much unused stuff) and I love our decks, yard and neighborhood, so we will be staying put for now and may consider building on an additional room in the future.

Happy house hunting!

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I feel your pain! We are also stretching at the seams in our house. I would vote moving before baby if you could find something because it would just be easier to be settled first. I always take quite a few months after a baby to really feel like I want to do anything extra Smile

We have no way to move before this one is born--we have bought a vacant lot (2+ acres), which we are really excited about, but we have so much to do before we can actually build on it. We hope to break ground on the house in the spring and be moved in by summer, but there is a lot to do! We currently have a 3 bedroom, little over 1600sf house. And there will be 7 of us in it by end of Feb/beginning of March. EEK. Already my kids are two per room. My 2 big boys share with a bunk bed and DD and DS3 (baby) share a room. I always have baby in my room for a few months in a bassinet but after that, we will be hurting for room!

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Thanks so much for all your input ladies. I am really feeling like moving but it is harder to move in the winter here so I guess we will have to find a place before to long. I am in love with a huge house we can't afford right now. Sad So glad i am not the only one with a crays house., 5 adults and soon to be 2 kiddos. Dh and i have been saving for our first place since we go married. we are still home with my mom. i love it don't get me wrong, but there is just no space here. My sister is moving out next summer after she graduates college. But I don't think it woudl be right to stay even after sis moves out.
I know my mom will miss having her Lilly around.