what can I take?

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what can I take?

I'm so sick. Stuffy nose and super congested. Have your doctors oked anything? Afrin maybe?

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here is what i took when i was prego with Lilly,

Regular Tylenol

Regular Claritin

Regular Benadryl


I also could use my inhaler

I had problems with nasal congestion and i took Claritin daily during my first and second trimester.

Call the dr. office or nurse line to find out what you can take. You can also ask the pharmacist. I know that some nasal sprays are a no go.

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From my birth center notebook:

For headache/fever: Tylenol (acetaminophen) 650mg or 2 tablets can be taken every 4 hours as needed during any trimester

For sore throat: lozenges or chloraseptic spray, or gargling with warm salt water

For cough: Robitussin DM night time cough syrup can be taken during any trimester - following directions

During second and third trimester only: Actifed, Tavist D, or Sudafed - only one at bedtime/one at daytime if needed

DO NOT USE Goldenseal

I remember using a saline nasal spray when I had a stuffy nose cold with DS. It kind of helped me blow and clear out my nose in the moment, but it didn't keep my nose from getting stuffy again. I heated water to breathe the steam and that helped some but when the weather is hot that doesn't sound very appealing.

Hope this helps

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One real brand Sudafed every 6 hours, my doctor said was ok for me when I had a sinus infection.

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I was told benadryl is fine and was taking that when I had my sinus infection a few weeks ago.