What is everyone doing this weekend?

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What is everyone doing this weekend?

My husband's working for a couple of weeks in rural Aberdeenshire, so we're all here as a family this weekend (drove here today) and then me and DS will be spending nearly 2 weeks at my aunt and uncle's place nearby while DH gets on with his work. Not to sure what tomorrow will bring but I think we're going to visit a cave. I might try and take some pictures.

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My dh rode a 204 mile bike ride on Saturday from Seattle wa to Portland or. We drove support by driving ahead and meeting him along the way at a few of the stops and then at the finish. Also got to visit with my sister in Portland while waiting for him to come in. And my sis in law is in town visiting so she was a great pair of extra hands during the drive. He finished in just under 15 hours. We got back late Saturday night and relaxed Sunday!