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What would you do?

So, my kids have all been sick and brought home a nasty virus- which naturally, hit me. It started Wednesday with upper resperitory symptoms (coughing, chest congestion, sinus pressure) and its continually gotten worse. Last night, I spent 5 hours straight vomiting - at times there was only five minutes between running back and forth to the toilet) and then diarrhea started as well. Needless to say, I was loosing fluids fast. I was trying to drink sips of water but it kept coming back up. Now this morning, I'm having terrible backache with cramping. I have been able to keep down some water, so I've been working on making sure I'm rehydrating myself- but I am a little worried. Do you you think I should call my OB? I'm worried about being dehydrated and that's what's causing all the cramping. Or, do you think I should just rest and keep drinking and see how things go?
I hate being sick:( Please everyone- try and stay healthy. This virus is absolutely horrible and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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Most of the stomach bugs run their course in 24-48 hours, but its awful. Youre right, thats probably where the cramping is coming from. If you can keep anything down, you could probably stay home and ride it out if you can feel the cramping decrease some.
If it continues this afternoon id go in. They may want to give you some IV fluids to help you get over the hump. If you call and just let them know whats going on, they may call you in some Phenergan suppositories to help with the nausea and vomiting.

So sorry youre sick. I cant imagine throwing up with an already uncomfortable belly. Hugs.....

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unfortunately I know your misery but not yet this year knock on wood. last year everyone in the house except Dh got the bug twice. and so did Lilly. we also had it the year before.

I can only imagine beeping pregnant and having it. your right it is something you wouldn't wish on any one.

I agree with Amber.

if you feel like you just can't get relief you can get the suppositories, clear broth, Popsicle, pedialite, Gatorade. try and get hydrated as soon as you can hold sips down.

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Thanks ladies. My stomach is feeling much better now and the cramping has subsided. Wheew. What a rough night. Drinking Gatorade now, so it must be helping. It's bad enough getting sick without being pregnant- but being pregnant brings it to a whole new level. I kept wondering if I was somehow hurting my baby with all the vomiting, but he was still kicking away (which may not have been helping me out physically, lol) Just scary. Can't wait to get over all this crap. Yuck.

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Oh I feel your pain! We are visiting family for Christmas right now and there are 2 bugs going around. Some flu/fever/cough thing (I got a flu shot-hope that helps) and also a stomach one. The shot does not stop that one. My stomach is so tender!!! I've been sick all last night and all day today. Sucks to be sick on Christmas Day. I finally tried to choke down a few bites of Christmas dinner--my favorite holiday dinner of ham and au gratin potatoes. I'm starting to feel better but it still was too much with just the few bites I had.

This looks like it was a few days ago so hope you are better!!

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