What are your complaints?

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What are your complaints?

do you have any complaints???

I have been having tailbone pain and i am leaking pee again. ugh such a pain to wear pads again. But i guess we all are going to have to get used to it.

Tired and for what ever reason walking around baby was making me soo uncomfortable.

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Here too!!

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"Chris_85" wrote:

Tired and for what ever reason walking around baby was making me soo uncomfortable.

Definitely. Walking hurts. And I'm exhausted. ALL. THE. TIME.
I'm also getting a lot cranky. I'm tired, I'm large, I'm slow, and I don't FEEL like being messed with, or dealing with nonsense. (yes, i'm just a joy to be around right now Wink )

That pretty much covers it!

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Just feeling really blah right now from a cold. The past few days have been super busy and I think I just let myself get too run down. I feel so guilty loading up on so many meds lately - Sudafed and Tussin for my cold, Zantac for my heartburn, acetaminophen for my hip pain - but it is the only way I can eek out a few hours of sleep these past few nights. Oh, can I also complain that I was having to do extra laundry and cleaning because my toddler was vomiting around the house yesterday...poor kid Sad This is new territory for me as DS has never been sick like this before. It is hard to contain a toddler to one area of the house when they are sick, no? Because of all of the above, I haven't been very pleasant towards DH recently Sad In my defense, he was complaining how I was snoring like a bear one night...the guy should know better than to say that to a sick pregnant woman!