Whats your most hated piece of clothing of your DH/SO's wardrobe?

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Whats your most hated piece of clothing of your DH/SO's wardrobe?

Anything that you just hate to see him out on? Or that you've been dying to see go to Goodwill?

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Haha...this is funny because we were just having this discussion last week about a shirt that I have been trying to convince DH to get rid of since I met him about seven years ago. It is this bright neon green short sleeved button front shirt. DH calls it his "clubbing" shirt (yeah, like he has even stepped foot in a club since our first few years of our marriage). I say it looks like something I would have worn in school when neon was still cool and I wore layered socks with my jeans tucked in, my shirt tied up at the bottom and crimped my hair (ha, probably just really dated myself there :p). I keep bringing it out as a possibilty for goodwill but DH always makes me put it back in the closet. Luckily he hasn't worn it the past few years, but it still bugs me that it is taking up space in our closet.

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DF has some shirts that he's had for about 10 years, they are so ratty looking, holes everywhere, basically just destroyed, but he won't get rid of them, he says they are his most 'comfortable' shirts.

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His sleep shirt.. It's probably 15 years old and was his dads at one point. Its got the armpits worn out and hole EVERYWHERE. He refuses to toss it... OMG it makes me crazy. Though I did threaten to make him sleep on the couch if he kept warning it to bed that seemed to have work.

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Not a specific item, just a clothing related habit that really annoys me! DH's socks. Not an evening has gone by since we moved in together in 2007 when he's not removed his socks and thrown them (literally) across the living room. They lie there like shod snake skins til I pick them up, always ME. Once as an experiment I didn't pick them up, and I swear there were about ten pairs lying wrinkled about the floor before I finally cracked and again, it was ME that picked them up. No matter how many times I've nagged him, he never picks them up. Drives me INSANE.

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the very first one was a pair of hulk boxer shorts, while i liked them they got a huge *** hole in the butt. I always would just throw out his worn hole pairs, until he discovered that i was throwing them out. He does the trash so after i had thrown out the nasty old hulk, they reappeared in the wash about a week later. He actually dug them out of the trash!!!!
I was soo mad that i ended up dumping them in a public trash bin. when I asked him about it he was like they were my favorite pair.
I always go through our clothing every season change and if i or he hasn't worn something 2 season in a row it is time to go.

Right now there are 2 shirts for sure I just can't stand and each time he refuses to give them up. Both are old and stretched out and just hang off of him. He is a bean pole 6'2 and 30-32 inch waist.

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DD has many things I hate, but some of the top picks are:

A bright yellow fleece pullover with black trim. I tell him he looks like he works for the DOT in it. It's V-neck, and he decided to cut the v-part so it's "roomier". It's awful

A teal checked short-sleeved button-up. Kind of a satiny texture. Straight out of 1996.

Finally, an Old Navy t-shirt from about 15 years ago, timeframe confirmed with his mom and brother since she got them both a tshirt there at the same time that looked alike. It has so many holes , especially in the armpits..... disquisting.