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So little man has been doing awesome... He's 12 days old and not only back to his birth weight (he was actually an ounce past his birth weight at 6 days old) but is about 10 pounds now!! (Birth weight was 7 pounds even). We used our scale and did the mommy plus baby minus mommy alone method.

But I've also lost 20 pounds! I am therefor 1 pound below my pre pregnancy weight! Yay!!! Now here's hoping it keeps going! I worked really hard to lose weight (about 40 pounds and 3 sizes) before having this kiddo and gained about 15 back after a miscarriage so I'm hoping that chasing 3 kids and breast feeding will help me take those off (and a bunch of their friends)! I've joined a fun (friends) biggest loser game so here's hoping for motivation!

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Amazing! Good for you! I think it will be quite some time after baby before I can say anything like that--you motivate me! Wink