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Thread: Yay!!

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    Default Yay!!

    So little man has been doing awesome... He's 12 days old and not only back to his birth weight (he was actually an ounce past his birth weight at 6 days old) but is about 10 pounds now!! (Birth weight was 7 pounds even). We used our scale and did the mommy plus baby minus mommy alone method.

    But I've also lost 20 pounds! I am therefor 1 pound below my pre pregnancy weight! Yay!!! Now here's hoping it keeps going! I worked really hard to lose weight (about 40 pounds and 3 sizes) before having this kiddo and gained about 15 back after a miscarriage so I'm hoping that chasing 3 kids and breast feeding will help me take those off (and a bunch of their friends)! I've joined a fun (friends) biggest loser game so here's hoping for motivation!

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    Amazing! Good for you! I think it will be quite some time after baby before I can say anything like that--you motivate me!
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