2 month checkup & tummy time

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2 month checkup & tummy time

Evelyn had her checkup today and everything is looking great, she is 11lbs 5oz and just over 23 inches.
I told the dr that Evelyn hates tummy time, we do it once a day for max. 2 minutes because she starts screaming after 30 secs. He said it is not a big deal, some babies don't like it. It helps them develop motor skills faster so if we don't do tummy time she may sit up or walk a bit later but she will catch up, there is no need for torturing her with tummy time if she hates it so much.
DD1 didn't like tummy time either so we didn't do it much till she started to roll over, she liked it then, she was on time or early on all her milestones.

We will still do tummy time with Evelyn once a day but only till she starts crying.
I was stressing so much about tummy time like it was such a big deal, now I feel much better.

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I am so glad to hear that she is growing so well and that he eased your mind about tummy time! Emma's 2 month check up is tomorrow and I'm so excited to find out how much she has grown!

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Glad to hear she's growing well and that you feel better about tummy time now. Smile

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Way to grow Evelyn! Smile

Ryne isn't a big fan of tummy time either. I haven't done it often but he has started crying right away most times and once he just fell asleep. :rolleyes: Sounds like youre doing much better about it than I am if youre keeping up with a once a day schedule. I'm glad to hear the doc helped you feel better about it.

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It's funny that my doctor was so adamant about tummy time and your doctor said it's not a big deal. What's up with that??? O-well. It sounds like your doctor has a better handle on things than mine. Sheldon actually has started to tolerate tummy time really well -- but only because our doctor made us start doing it when he was 2 weeks old. Still -- one side of his head is flat anyway!!! I'm glad Eve isn't having this kind of problem.

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Yeah for growing so well! My doc didn't even mention tummy time at Grace's 2 month so I guess they really are all different. Glad you are feeling better.