Anyone already contemplating another PG???

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Anyone already contemplating another PG???

Not myself personally, Baby Anthony made three young ones for us so while i havent ruled out at least one more entirely, it is at least going to be in the distant future....just wonderng if anyone else is thinking yet about a next one????

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Nope. We have not anything permanently...yet, though DH has offered to. Smile We are happy with three healthy kids, a new house with everyone in their own room, and are looking forward to the next phase of our lives. Smile

WOW! This is the first time I've "said" that out loud. LOL

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I was thinking about the next one when the twins were only a few weeks old. I know.....:rolleyes: we aren't trying, but we aren't preventing either. And with bf twins, I'm not expecting to see the return of AF anytime soon. That is if she has corrected herself with this pg. We won't go through treatments again thats for sure.