Bentley's Update

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Bentley's Update

I've been so MIA lately, not that I ever really posted to much anyway but I'm sure some of you remember me!

I have been trying to adjust to 1st time baby boy after a C-Section and suddenly I started having these horrible painful attacks at night that completely drained me when I thought there was nothing left to drain. I had my gallbladder removed last friday and am starting to feel much better.

Bentley has been a handful but for the most part he's a good baby. He is 10 weeks this week and last night he slept from 11 to 8am nonstop! Usually it's 11 to 5:30 though. He stays up all day, doesn't care for naps, which is frustrating when my friend's baby sleeps all the time. He's currently screaming at the top of his lungs right now cuz daddy has no patience and hasn't figured out how to handle him, it's also frustrating sometimes to never get a break. I'm working on that... He is switching jobs from an on call all the time schedule to one that gives him days off, so that'll be a big help soon.

Here are some of his 2 month pictures taken 2 weeks ago. Hope everyone is doing well, I'll be trying to catch up on some of you now!

Oh and he is currently 13 lbs and 24 inches long!

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Cute pics! The no naps thing must be frustrating, but babies like to keep you on your toes, he may decide to switch it up some day Smile

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Love the pics! Sorry to hear about you're gal bladder problems, but glad you're feeling better. And Aiden doesn't really like napping during the day either.

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He's adorable!

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Sweet pictures...he is precious!

I feel ya on DH's baby calming ability. My DH says Ryne "hates him" b/c when he holds Ryne if he is a bit fussy DH doesn't have the patience to work with him to soothe him and the fussing escalates to screaming. I can't just tell him what I do either b/c it doesn't work for him. DH just has to try long enough / often enough to find what works for him. It just takes practice and getting comfortable doing it. DH figured it out with DS1 because he kept him while I was at work. He hasn't had that opportunity with DS2 yet and each baby is different. Your DH will get it to. Try to give him some time with baby without you around. It doesn't have to be long just something like a trip to the store. Feed him, hand him off to DH and go run an errand or just get out of the house a minute. It'll give you a break and DH time to get to bond with baby with no "safety net". HTH :bigarmhug:

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Wow, great pics! Sorry about the gallbladder but glad to hear things are going well for you!

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He is adorable.

Sorry about your gallbladder, hope you will get back to normal soon, you are lucky and your baby isn't heavy yet, I wasn't able to lift DD1 after I had mine removed and it was a torture because she wanted to be picked up all the time, she was just over a year old then.
I suffered through my first pregnancy with my gallbladder and had it removed 2 months before got pregnant with Evelyn.
Just watch what you eat for a while ( like a month or two), if you eat something fat like cheese you better be eating it while sitting on the toilet because you will get explosive diarrhea. Now a year later I'm glad it is out, I can eat anything, no more crazy pains.

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Goodness! Sounds like things have been quite hectic around your house. I hope you are feeling better.
That must be rough that Mr.B doesn't want to nap. That would get old VERY fast. Hopefully your DH builds up his confidence, and finds the "trick" that works for calming his little man down.

TFS those photos. He is so cute and looks so peaceful. Smile