Birth Control Question

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Birth Control Question

My little Chasie-bear is 7 weeks old tomorrow, and I went for my 6 week check-up on Tuesday. Long story short, everything is fine (other than my blessed c-section incision hasn't healed, but I'm seeing plastic surgeon for that. I don't heal well apparently) and since I am plus-sized and ballooned up so much on the pill (I was a size 10 before meeting DH and going on the pill, now... not even close to that) that Mirena would be the best option. I have an appointment on Monday to get it with another practice (my OB will not schedule any type of "elective" procedure including any type of birth control discussion) but I had a couple of questions that I was hoping that someone on this board may be able to help answer. First, I have not had a period since I stopped bleeding from the c-section almost a month ago. Almost everyone that I talked to told me that I have to be on my period for the insertion, but the office staff did not ask that question when I called to schedule the appointment. I was completely honest with them when calling and they told me that it would not be a problem and would be able to get it that day. My first question is how long after you stopped bleeding from delivery did your period return? My normal cycle before I had DS was a very regular 28 days apart. I have had symptoms of what I would have considered PMS recently - face breaking out, mood swings including going off on MIL, fatigue, etc. The other question is for mommys who have had IUD's... do you really have to be on your period? I understand it would make it easier for it to be inserted because your cervix would be open a little bit at that time. Also, is it possible not to get a period before going on any type of birth control? I am 100% all for going on some type of birth control because DH's family is HUGE and I am really undecided about ever having another child.

Thanks everyone for reading the whole post and thanks in advance for any advice/input you can pass on!

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I have no experience with Mirena, but I did just have the Paraguard (copper IUD) put in yesterday. I had it before becoming pg with Declan as well. I did not have to be on my period either time. It is very possible to not have a period before starting any birth control especially if you are bfing. I still have not had my first AF and Declan is 7 weeks old. If you are bfing it could be months before you have your first AF.

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The reason they `want` you on your period is because your cervix is more open and allows for easier, less painful insertion I believe. I did not have my period when I had mine put in following DS1.

A big key to having it put in I found was to relax. I was very tense at first, and when she tried to put it in, it hurt a lot. But when I relaxed, she got it in no problem, and much less pain.

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Personally, i dont like hormonal birth control at all. i do not respond well to any form i've tried. Two ladies from DD's birth board had theirs removed because they had psychological side effects that were not worth it, and several others are still happy with it, it depends on the person.

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With DD my period came back when she was 4.5 months old. I was pumping and nursing, so not sure what may have caused it. Right after it came back my supply took a huge nose dive and was completely dried up by 6 months. I haven't been on any type of BC since high school, and was only on t for a few months, hated the way it made me feel, so I can't help with the IUD question.

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I had a mirena before we conceived Hazel. I had it in for about 3 1/2 years before I took it out. I don't remember for sure but I'm pretty sure I did not have my period when they put it in. I had it put in when DS was 4 mos. and I can't remember if my cycle had returned to normal yet. I did have a few irregular cycles at first and then they stopped completely. It did take a few months for my body to regulate itself with the hormones, but nothing compared to the depo shot that I had. I've heard some people don't react well to it, but after the first few months it worked well for us. That being said, I'm not sure I would get it again. I don't know what were doing this time. I'm pretty sure were done, and I'm leaving it up to DH to take care of that. HTH. Good luck and keep up posted.