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Funny story

So today was scarletts 2 month check up and all looked good! Well anyway last night I was giving Scarlett a bath and when I got her out I noticed this mark on her back. So I went and showed dh. I said it looks like a pinch mark, like maybe when one of us picked her up our fingers pinched her. Well, when the dr was checking her over she said her birth mark on her back looks really good! How big was it when she was born. I had to admit to the dr I didn't even notice it till last night, and we thought we had accidentally pinched her or something. How embarrassing! I guess I have never laid her on her belly naked and really looked at her back. We had naked baby pics taken on her belly but she was fussy Uand the covered her partly with a blanket so I was paying more attention to her face. I am guessing it's always been small. Maybe I need to take a good look at my naked baby! She just hates being naked so I always just hurry and get her dressed.

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Babies have backs? i doubt i'd notice anything on bubba's back either, unless it was poop.

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How funny! Malia has a strawberry birthmark on the bottom of her left big toe and DH pointed it out before her two week checkup. I thought she had a bruise and couldn't figure out how she got a bruise there, lol! I asked about her "bruise" at her two week checkup and the Dr. told me it was a birthmark. I'm glad I'm not the only one!

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IKWYM about looking at their naked backs! LOL I have only looked at C's back a few times but I've been rushing to apply lotion before her fussing turning into an all out meltdown. Smile

I better take a closer look so we don't have any possible surprises next week at her appt. LOL

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My DD has a strawberry birthmark on her hip. It started out as just a faint tiny discoloration and then became redder and redder until it was bright red and now it is growing.
DS had two just like it, so I really knew what to look for. I noticed DD's in the hospital when it was super faint and was wondering if it would turn into a birthmark. That said - I never noticed that it had actually turned red until the pedi showed it to me at her 2 week appointment. :rolleyes:

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We thought the same thing when we saw ds birth mark his is on his left arm just above his elbow. I knew what dd was when I saw it though because it's on her left hip, just like mine.

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Ha! Yes, I hardly ever see Sheldon's back. Now I feel like I should be checking him over more...