How does your stomach look?

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How does your stomach look?

I had a c/s so I have a scar but that can be covered by underwear but otherwise my belly looks kinda like a deflated balloon! I have lots of stretch marks too and the linea negra looks even darker now for some reason but hopefully will go away! I know the stretch marks will fade too but I still think it looks pretty nasty. Just curious how everyone else is feeling about how they look.

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I could have posted this myself. I JUST got done packing for a meeting I am headed to and there are three different shirts laying here on the bed that I hated the way my stomach looked in them!

My stretch marks are definitely still there, the skin feels very thin and stretched still, plus I still have a pouch that makes me look like I have a muffin top that's bigger then I've experienced before.

I sadly only lost around 9 pounds at my 6 week appt so I am currently the heaviest I've ever been when not pregnant. It's taking a real toll on my mentally...then I look in the mirror and I feel like physically I am validating the way I feel. I know this may sound confusing but it's so hard for me to accept. I KNOW I'll get over it and that my body is going to return to a small, more familiar, form that I'm accustomed to. Just wish it would happen right NOW! Smile

Oh, then throw in the fact that we are headed into the summer months where I need to pull out my shorts...AHHH can't even think about that right now.

So I'm right there with you girl! Thanks for posting about this. Smile

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With clothes on, I'm doing pretty good. I don't like how things fit - but that's mostly cause of my bbs being so massive. My stomach is about an inch and a half away from pre-pgn, and I'm working out so it's tightening up pretty well. A tiny little pouch - but most people can't believe I was pregnant. That being said, when the shirt comes off, it's depressing. I got totally wrecked with stretch marks in the 9th month, and the entire front of my stomach is covered. Literally they go out from my belly button 2-3 inches in every direction. It's BRUTAL. I'm trying oils and creams and essential oils, and hopefully they will fade as quickly as possible. Perhaps they will even go away! But I'm thinking I might have to forego bikinis this summer - which is sad cause most of the weight is off!

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like half-raised bread dough

i have stretch marks in a half moon kind of shape from about an inch above my belly button ALL THE WAY DOWN iykwim.... and out to my hipbones on both sides. but i know after DD it took just a couple months then looked way better, so once the red fades i'm sure it will be better.

weight is a different issue. i wear my stretchmarks with pride, but the extra 15 lbs i havent lost yet, not so happy about, and the fact that i was 30 lbs overweight to begin with helps even less.

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Flabby and gross, lol. I haven't even tried regular pants yet because I don't want it to depress me. :rolleyes:

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"gypsy86" wrote:

like half-raised bread dough

lol! That's a good description.

I wore my first pair of non-maternity pants yesterday. They are the ones that were big on me before.

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I still look 4 months pregnant but my belly is not hard and tight, its soft and it jiggles when I walk, I had to buy spanks because I feel so nasty. I feel huge, still have to lose 28lbs, my legs are fat and everything is covered in cottage cheese. Nursing is not helping me lose the weight at all, I eat a lot less now and started working out 2 weeks ago, the weight is not coming off, it will be really hard for me to get back in shape this time, with DD1 I was back in 6 months.

The other day I lady who knows me saw me and said " you must be due soon", OMG my baby is 5 weeks old and this woman thinks I'm still pregnant. I have a belly but its so much smaller now.

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I'm down to my prepregnancy weight and I'm working out -- but my body is definitely not the same as it was before. My waist and hips are an inch bigger around -- and it's all pouchy belly. I just don't think it's ever going to tighten up, and it makes all my clothes fit weird in the waist. I think I'm just going to have to buy some new clothes and learn to let go of the rest.

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I still look like I did when I was 13 weeks pregnant with a little pouch. I've started walking a bit, but am still only 4 weeks post c/s and am waiting a bit longer before I start "working out". Still up 8 lbs or so from pre-preg weight. The weather will be nicer here in a couple more weeks and I'll be ready to get rid of the rest by then. I have stretch marks just around my belly button... looks so weird.

As for clothes I'm back in my own, but am using the rubber band trick to close my pants.