night without DD or DH

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night without DD or DH

Well, i admit that it was my idea for DD to go to Nana's tonight so that i wouldnt have to deal with DD and bubba alone all night while he goes out to a boys night (lost his job- destress, plus his BFF is leaving for Afghanistan in about 8 weeks this is probably his last hurrah) ..... but it was Nana's idea to keep DD until Sunday... so i absolve myself of feeling guilty over ditching her for the weekend.

So what do i do with myself and Bubba all night? not sure what to make myself for dinner, not sure what movie to start with... but right now its a House marathon and frozen pizza is coming in on top for dinner choices right now! planning a mama/baby bath for a little bit later and trying to decide which things it would make me happiest to clean before DD gets back... or before DH gets back for that matter!

aaaaahhh, nobody stealing my remote or turning off my movie, nobody screaming while i'm in the tub, nobody smashing bubba ("babyHUG babyHUG!") .... is this heaven?

Bubba did get shots today so i'm thankful to be able to spend some extra energy and time on him for the first time since he was a week old Smile

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Sounds like a good mamma baby kinda night! Enjoy!!

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Sounds like relaxing night, enjoy it.