Not Enough Tummy Time!

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Not Enough Tummy Time!

I took Sheldon to his 2-month appointment on Monday and the doctor told us we're not doing enough tummy time. Sheldon's head has flattened on one side because he insists on holding his head to the right. The doctor did say Sheldon doesn't have torticollis, though. We just failed to give him enough tummy time! He won't need a helmet, but we have to do tummy time 8-10 times a day now, and his head should look normal by the time he's a year old. Boy, did my DH and I feel stupid. We were doing tummy time a few times a day -- we just didn't realize what would happen if we didn't do it every hour on the hour. Sigh. O-well. At least it's not permanent.

Otherwise, Sheldon got a clean bill of health and his vaccinations. He's 11 lbs, 3.5 ozs. and 23" long. In the 50th percentile for height and weight! He's come a long way from being so small at birth and being in less than the 10th percentile at his growth ulltrasound during my 36th week of pregnancy. Go baby!

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Way to grow Sheldon! I was worried about not doing enough tummy time too but I guess Grace is ok. You're right at least it's not permanent but still sucks. Don't feel bad though!

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i tend to forget tummy time for my kids, but i let them sleep on their tummies. I dont think the only reason it happened was because you neglected tummy time, its probably a combination of environment, biology and your actions. Heck, if bubba didnt sleep on his tummy he'd only get about 2 minutes of tummy time a day, because he rolls over when i put him on his tummy! I'm sure it really wasnt just because you didnt do tummy time. Awesome way to put on weight though! grow baby!

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You're not alone... I haven't been for their 4 mo appt yet, but I'm sure I'll hear the same thing. Just noticed a few days ago that their heads aren't looking perfectly round anymore. I've been trying to do tummy time after every daytime feeding now, if only for a few minutes. I feel so bad. Sad I'm hoping they won't need helmets.

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I am sorry to hear about tummy time but glad to hear he is growing well! I don't know if it will make you feel better but 11 years ago when DS was born I didn't know anything about tummy time and his head turned out fine? I've never heard about the helmets either? I feel like I'm doing all this again for the first time! So many new things!

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Nice growing Sheldon!

Could he maybe take one of his naps during the day on his tummy to get a bit of extra time in? And if you keep putting his head to the left, he'll develop nice strong muscles turning it back to the right!

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I don't think its tummy time, Evelyn hates tummy time so did Emily, I didnt do much tummy time with Emily, I just made sure she goes to sleep with her head to a different side each time. Evelyn likes to hold her head to the right but not completly, I'm having a really hard time turning it because she will move it back, I'm scared it gets flat on that side. We do maybe 1 minute a day of tummy time because she starts screaming like she was being tortured.

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I agree...I don't think it's because of lack of tummy time. Maybe more t-time will help you battle it and that's why doc has recommended that but don't feel stupid for not doing it more. Ryne has had very little tummy time and I havent noticed any flattening. I think it might just be some are more prone to it for some reason. :bighug:

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We don't do tummy time here, nor does she sleep on her tummy. Same thing with my other kiddos and they all have normal noggins! Smile Hopefully you can get it corrected.

Wohoo for the growth! Smile That mama's milk must be like Half-n-Half. LOL

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I dont think its tummy time either. Elijah has had tummy time ONCE in his little life and his head is fine. So dont feel like this is your fault.

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I'm going to go with the others and say that I do not think it's due to lack of tummy time, but rather the fact that he favors turning his head to one side over the other. I've never done a ton of tummy time with my boys. Sean hated it, and I've only gotten around to doing it with Calvin like 3 times ever... Literally 3 times, and one of those lasted all of 2 minutes. But both of them have normal heads, and I would venture to say it has more to do with the fact that they lay on both sides evenly... 8-10 times a day just seems excessive to me.