Our trip to the ER

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Our trip to the ER

I got up last to feed the baby and was holding him when I smacked my knee on the footboard of our bed and dislocated my kneecap, fell, and dropped Lucas on the ground. It was horrible, I was holding my knee screaming at my husband to call 911 because it was not in the right place and Lucas was screaming. We have wood floors so we were really worried about him. After a minute of panic my knee cap popped back into place on its own, and DH called for an ambulance. They got there pretty quick, Lucas was pissed because he was hungry and in shock, and they took us to the ER. They did a CT scan on him to check for fractures and swelling, then put me in a brace. Luckily Everything is OK, his ct scan was normal and he's been fine all day. They gave me crutches and said to stay off my leg for the next two weeks. It's going to be interesting with a baby and 4 year old. DH is going to be working from home for the next two weeks because I cannot carry the baby. Quite honestly it was the scariest experience of my life.

Then we went in for his 2 month check up this morning and his pediatrician said in all his years as a pediatrician he's never seen a baby suffer major damage from being dropped, that made me feel a little better. And his 2 month stats are 23.5 inches, and 11 lbs 7 ounces.

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WOW, that must have been really scary!! I'm glad that everyone is alright!!

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OMG how scary. Big hugs to you and baby. I'm sorry you are in crutches for the next two weeks, but luckily your DH can work from home.

On a side note... If it makes you feel any better, DS1 fell out of bed onto hardwood a few times when we were sleeping (talk about mommy guilt). He even managed to get down the bed around the bed rail we put on the side of the bed. We took him to the doctor as well and heard the same thing.


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Oh my gosh, how scary! Glad to hear everything is ok. That is really nice that your DH has the option of working from home to help you.

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DAMN! what a night! glad there wasn't any permanent damage for either of you!

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Oh how scary! Glad you're both okay.

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Oh how scary! I'm glad the both of you are okay(except for your knee, ouch!)!! My DH has funky knees, and has dislocated his right knee over 20 times, so he can definitely sympathize!

I managed to bang Cailyn's head on her changing table a couple weeks back, and I felt so bad! She just looked at me like "uh, what was that?" and was no worse for the wear.

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OMG! How scary! I had to skip to the bottom to make sure Lucas was okay! I'm sorry about your knee, but so glad he didn't get hurt!

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That is soooo scary! I'm glad you're both okay and there was no lasting damage to either of you!!

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I'm sorry you guys had such a rough night. Glad to hear you're both ok. I hope your knee heals quickly. :bighug: