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My poor baby got his shots today. He was less than impressed, and made that quite known to everyone in the office. But he calmed down after I nursed him.

My chunky monkey is up to 12.lbs 1.5oz, 5.5lbs since birth. I'm very impressed with that. My doctor was very happy with him and he even gave her a smile before she gave him the shots. Bet he won't do that next time lol. My doctor also loved his cloth diapers and was inspecting them. I guess she doesn't see many.

He seems to be doing okay with the shots so far. He slept quite a bit this afternoon/evening and is now up for his fussy period. I just hope the shots don't screw with his night time routine because he sleeps sooooo well.

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Glad everything went okay with your chunky monkey's appointment yesterday. Smile I hope his night routine went as normal.