Thumb sucker

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Thumb sucker

So, this little guy has decided that pacifiers are a no go, won't keep them in unless I hold it in. He's been trying to suck on his fist for the last week, and finally found his thumb. While I like the idea of him being able to soothe himself by finding his thumb, I can't exactly take it away when he's older like you do a pacifier. I'm torn about if I should break the thumb habit before it starts and push the pacifier, or let him suck his thumb. My first started on his thumb, but took to pacifiers for nap time and bed time.

eta... look how cute he is trying to stuff his thumb in there

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Mine loves her thumb too. After I take her out of the swaddle in the morning and during night feedings she goes crazy trying to stick her hands in her mouth. Guess she missed them while she was asleep.

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My LO also sticks her fist/fingers in her mouth - but mostly when she's hungry, and sometimes for soothing. But we haven't started her on pacifiers.

My experience comes from myself, who was an avid thumb sucker. It is much harder to wean - as woe be anyone who tried to get me to stop! But once a kid finds their thumb it is VERY difficult to replace it.

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Awww....hes so cute! I love it when they go crazy with their hands.

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He is adorable! Malia does the same thing, but she will occasionally take a paci. As cute as it is when they're this tiny, I don't want to break the habit later so if I see her trying to find her thumb I either feed her or give her the paci. Of course, my little stinker puts her thumb in the nipple hole (we use a Soothie) so I'm not sure how well my master plan is working!

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Aiden came out sucking his thumb! We caught him with it in his mouth the 2nd week. It was adorable, but I didn't want to deal with breaking that habit. I told my ob about it at an apt. She said that they see babies sucking their thumbs on u/s all the time. He will put his hand in his mouth when he's hungry now and only rarely takes a paci. He too has managed to put his thumb into the soothe hole. Smile

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Oh, that is so cute!!! Sheldon gnaws on his whole fist when hungry, but he hasn't found his thumb yet. And we haven't given him a paci, either. He seems content without it so we're not going to push it.

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Aww...such a cute picture. Declan has started trying to suck his fists and thumb in the last week so I have been putting socks on his hand to keep him from doing it. I don't want a thumb sucker. I had friend that sucked her thumb clear into high school.

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I could have written this thread myself. Claire wants nothing to do with the pacifier 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time involves me "making" her take it. Any other time she wants to be soothed she goes to town on her fist/finger/thumb/wrist. Whatever's near her mouth she starts loudly smacking away on it. Biggrin

I'm okay with her taking her thumb, I just want her to have something she can be soothed with. I have a nephew who didn't take a pacifier or suck his thumb so my sister had many tough times getting her DS to sleep. It was like he just could relax himself enough to fall asleep.

Thanks for adding that photo, too darn cute. And those cheeks...I could squish them. Wink

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So cute, he is getting so big.

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adorable! I love that sleeper.

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DD had no interest in a pacifier and sucked her thumb for 4-5 months. Then she stopped it and never took it back up or got into pacifiers. DS loves the pacifier and doesn't suck his thumb. I wish he would bc I'm sick of constantly putting his pacifier back in when he's spit it out and cries bc he wants it they always have their thumb.