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Is anyone here?

My son was just diagnosed today with allergies to milk, wheat, and peanuts. It's sinking in slowly how much his diet will have to change. The child is a dairy FIEND. He drinks way more milk than he ever should, LOVES cheese and yogurt, and now has to avoid it all. The doctor said he may still outgrow it, but for now to avoid all three and after several months, we can try them again one at a time. His reaction has not been anaphylaxis, thank goodness, and she thinks he is at relatively low risk for such a reaction, but we did get some epipens to have on hand just in case. The reactions have mostly been hives/redness around his mouth. I'm nervous because they've gotten a LOT more frequent over the past couple weeks, and they seem a tad worse each time.

If anyone has any food ideas for milk/wheat/peanut allergies, I'd really appreciate it!

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I check in here from time to time. My youngest daughter had a dairy allergy, but after a year of STRICT avoidance she outgrew it. The toughest part was going out to eat because not all restaurants have allergen menus. But you'll learn which restaurants are "allergy friendly" and avoid the ones that aren't. We had the best luck at Disney World and Chili's, and the worst luck at Five Guys and Cracker Barrel. I know it is overwhelming at first, but you'll become a pro at reading labels and it will become second nature.

Was your son diagnosed by RAST testing or skin testing?

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that's tough with him having all three!

DS has a peanut, tree nuts and sesame allergies and DD has a lactose sensitivy and I'm BF so am on a dairy free diet.

The peanuts are actually going to be the easiest to avoid especially if he doesn't have a severe allergy, do beware of anything cooked in peanut oil though, especially Thai food places....

Wheat is tough, but grocery stores have gluten free items - just look for that section and go to town!

For dairy - try soy, almond or rice milk. There is also dairy free ice cream and my personal favorite is sorbet. It has NO dairy in it and tastes wonderful! They also make dairy free cheese. I'm not a fan, but your DS might like it. depending on how sensitive he is, baked goods are going to be hard.