Food allergy question

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Food allergy question

I just had my 4th child in January--he is 2 months old. My older 3 kids have no food allergies but ds1 does have some hayfever and itchy eye stuff (like me) in the spring--some clariten and eye drops help tons.

With #4, he has been super fussy since day 1, after the meconium poops left, he had normal looking orange, seedy poop for about a week. After that, it turned green and runny--almost watery. I kept asking the ped when we went in if green poo was ok, and she kept saying it was. But now I'm wondering if he has an allergy? He cries A LOT and has up to 10 very runny, watery green poops in a day. But he doesn't have exema or anything like that--just crying and the diarreah and some raspy breathing that never goes away. At his last visit, his weight percentage dropped way down. He did gain a little from 1-2 months, but not much. And when I compare him to my other kids, he is way smaller--they have all followed a very similar growth pattern except him, so that now, at 2 months, he is 2-3 lbs behind where they were yet he was the 2nd biggest at birth.

I eliminated milk last week, and since the appt this past tuesday, I eliminated ALL dairy. He does not seem to be improving at all, so now we are trying an elimination diet to see if we can get him to be a happier baby. Basically all I have had to eat for 2 days is rice chex and soy milk. (as long as rice or soy are not the allergens, maybe this will help?)

I guess my question is, would a food allergy be just fussy, low weight gain, raspy breathing and diarreah (he has had nothing but breastmilk) Or is skin rashes another definite sign of food allergies? My MIL has crohns disease, so we worried about that or celiac, but I have no experience with either one. All I know is that he is not like my other 3 kids and something is up with him.

ETA--the ped put him on prevacid thinking maybe he has silent reflux (the raspy breathing) but it doesn't seem to help the fussiness at all, and does nothing for the green runs. She said the next step would be do do a super expensive formula, which i want to avoid--all my others were exclusively bf. Sad

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I've been where you are right now. My DD was fussy, irritable, funny poops, no rashes. She had a dairy sensitivity. My pediatrician thought I was crazy to bother trying to cut out dairy. She was WRONG WRONG WRONG! I cut out all dairy and there was improvement within a week and she was a happy healthy baby in about 2 weeks. Here are my thoughts:

1. All food allergies/sensitivities need at least 2 weeks of elimination before you give up and try something else.
2. 60% of babies with a dairy allergy are ALSO sensitive to Soy. I'd cut out the soy milk right away, switch to Rice Milk or Goat's milk if you can find it. Goat's milk has different protiens in it which are typically the problem with a sensitivity (vs. allergy)
3. Other common issues are nuts, gluten, citrus and tomatoes
4. Reflux is very often over diagnosed for kids with sensitivities to food
5. Yes the raspy breath can be caused by a sensitivity to food
6. The dairy has only had 3 days which isn't long enough to decide if it's the problem. Keep going until you hit 2 weeks with no dairy. DD was VERY sensitive to cheese, more so than milk.
7. I'm guessing here, but I think you are probably dealing with a sensitivity instead of an allergy. Allergies do often have stronger reactions.
8. I wouldn't worry about his size, so much as the lack of weight gain. He might be having trouble digesting because of the sensitivity. I would guess that when you find out which foods are the problem that he'll rebound and gain weight fine.

Any questions, ask away! It's very stressful and huge hugs! You will figure this out!