Typical food allergy symptoms

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Typical food allergy symptoms

My two year old has had HORRIBLE diaper issues since pretty much the beginning of his life. He's had behavioral symptoms that borderline autistic in nature (my nephew is autistic) and he has had delayed development in communication and fine motor skills and occasional nightmares.

I was asking the pediatrician at a recent check up about allergy testing and he didn't think it was necessary based on his symptoms.

Is there a typical food allergy symptom checklist somewhere that I could go over and bring in?

I'm SOO certain that he has food allergies and I can't figure it out with elimination cause he's such a picky eater to begin with. I'd like a broad spectrum testing done including milk and milk products, gluten, and citrus. I'd like to also have my 7 year old tested and myself.

I recently tested negative for celiacs by cilia biopsy, but I definitely can't handle cow's milk or ice cream (I start violently throwing up within 20 minutes or so) and I'd like to see if I'm allergic to cloves cause my dentist uses them sometimes and I've been avoiding them since I ate a slice of pumpkin pie with them in the ingredients (I made it, I know what went in it) and I broke out in hives within minutes of swallowing two bites.

Anyway, I know I'm not crazy. (none of us are, are we?).

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The diaper issues can definitly be allergy related. I'm not sure about the autistic symptoms, but have heard something along those lines, but have no personal experience with it.

I would keep pushing my pediatrician (or look for a new one) to give you the referral to the allergist.

We just had my son allergy tested, mostly for peanuts and tree nuts (which he is VERY allergic to), and found other allergies that we didn't know about (sesame and others). It's important to know so that you can avoid those foods.

good luck!