Welcome to GAME ON! Read Me first!

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Welcome to GAME ON! Read Me first!

Hooray for GAMES! So glad you made it here to play with us! Before you dive in bear with us and read a few of the rules!!

#1 PLEASE be sure to remove your signature before posting! We love your pics and tickers, but it will make the load time for the games long and unbearable! To remove your signature: simply make your post, scroll down to the "Additional Options" and click the box next to "show your signature." As long as the box is empty, you won't have a siggy attached!

#2 Post your rules! When posting a new game, PLEASE be sure to post easy to understand rules, with examples if needed!

#3 Take your turn! Everyone that wants to play should be able to... so even if you know all the answers, please let someone else have a chance too! If two players answer at the same time, the next player will just need to pick one to answer, and allow play to resume from there.

#4 Stalling out: If a game gets stalled out for whatever reason, you are welcome to start a new game, but please start on a new thread to avoid mass confusion!

#5 BE KIND! This is 100% for fun so keep it real and keep it real FUN!

#6 Personals? If you want to chat it up (and we hope you do!) Please start a chat thread, rather than mucky up the games with a bunch of extra posts that will slow the load and make us all forget what game we were playing!

#7 Problems? The power of the PM! Hit up your host if you are having problems with a game or another player, rather than post it on the board.

#8 The Google Machine: Google should be the last resort for answers. If you absolutely have to (to un-stall or un-stump a game) then do what you must. BUT, the spirit of play is in what you know or guess! So keep your search engines on the back burner!
***SPELL CHECKS ARE OK!*** so long as you check the spell, and not gather the "tell!"

Alright.... GAME ON!!!!!!!! POST UP YOUR GAMES! PLAY! YAY!!!!