Fall planting?

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Fall planting?

Anyone planning or working on their fall plantings? I want to do something maybe lettuce spinach some herbs like basil and cilantro but I'm lacking the motivation to clear out some of the summer crops that are done to make room for fall

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I have never done fall planting, but I think I'd like to try. The main problem is that the garden is still pretty full with summer stuff.(Not that I'm complaining haha!)

I have pumpkins planted and they are everywhere lol. There's about 5 or 6 pumpkins growing. Next year I plan on having a different spot for them, I found out at the back of our yard the dirt is good for about 3 inches, then turns to rockier soil, so I'm going to dig up the grass layer, put down a layer of good garden dirt, and plant the pumpkins there. The back of the yard is kind of sloped, so I thought the pumpkins would be a good fit for that space Smile

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My DH wanted too, but not enough time and too many projects. Next year for sure.