How's Everyone Doing?

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How's Everyone Doing?

Hey! Not a lot of activity on this board lately, are we all being kept busy out in the garden??


We have eaten a lot of spinach, some lettuce, and just last night had some cauliflower. My tomatoes are HUGE!! (The plants, not the tomatoes, yet)

I really need to get out there and take some pictures, but I think I need to weed first :o

The potatoes are growing out of control, I REALLY have to make sure I dig all of them up this fall.

About the cauliflower- does anyone know, when you harvest the head off it, will another one grow, or is it a one shot deal? I've never grown cauliflower before, and I bought plants, not seeds, so I don't have anything to refer back to.

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I do really need to take pics. We have tons of lettuce, bush beans (or peas don't remember what they are called), and spinach. Our potatoes and tomatoes are huge. Now if the potatoes and tomatoes themselves would grow (we have lots of flowers on the tomatoes). And the carrots are growing. DH wants to do a lot more too. Unfortunately I don't have time to post pics in the next 1 1/2 weeks. We have VBS and I've been busy with that, Eli's birthday is Saturday, and Sunday I'm leaving for a week. So I've been doing laundry, making cupcakes, wrapping presents. Still gotta clean, etc. I will post pics when I come back though.

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We're doing so so. I have a planted garden that unfortunately does not get enough sun. My tomatoes there are growing, but barely flowering. And, for some reason, my cabbage, well, it doesn't look like cabbage. I'll have to try to take a pic later. But the lettuce and cucumbers are doing great.

On my deck, I potted all the tomatoes and whatever else I didn't have room for in the garden. Ther are all doing really well. We have a ripe red tomato waiting to be picked. The Basil is growing great. But my peppers are not doing as well. I have 2 actualy peppers growing but many fell off before the got big and one plant (I have 4 total) just looks limp.

I'll try to take some pics this evening when i'm home from work