Ripe strawberries!!!!

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Ripe strawberries!!!!

There might only be a half a dozen, but the excitement factor makes up for quantity lol I will take pictures this afternoon and post.

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Yay! That is so exciting. I wish I knew how my garden is doing.

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That's great!! It is definitely the exciting thing.

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Bits of bright red sneaking out from behind leaves:

A closer look:

And a peek at "crow god" overseeing the garden area:

Between crow god and me, those strawberries are a mere memory. I think I ate way the largest portion by far. Wink

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Glad you ate them before the other "crows" did Biggrin Those look yummy, Jules!

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Yummy!! Granted, you are a bit behind us here seasonally (ha!) but due to the FINE friends we are.... and wanting to stay "in tune" -- we went and got a few pints of fresh strawberries last night! We'll be mixing them up later for a variety of treats (well........ those that survived the night anyway!! I probably should go look!!!)

Enjoy Julie!!



P.S. The crows, robins, squirrels, and probably a host of other creatures are enjoying our Peach tree. Sad

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YAY! All hail sky rats. er.... CROWS!!!!

Your berries look amazing!

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Joee, I covered the screen. Wouldn't want to hurt crow god's feelings.

Now to get someone to drop by and water stuff while I'm gone. We'll be having the nicest weather of the year as soon as I leave. *rolleyes*

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Yum! Love strawberries - maybe I'll try those next year!

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YUM! I'm jealous!

Will have to add transplant some of ours to the back and see if they pick up... in a shady patch on the north side of our garden. Last year it was august before they fruited. Should move them ASAP...