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Thread: Spring!

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    Default Spring!

    Is anyone ready for Spring and planting? I started my plants inside a few weeks ago. Everything looks nice, but my cucumbers are too big to stay where they are and Spring planting is weeks away. I transplanted them into hanging baskets and hung them up in front of my dining room window. I am excited to see if this works. If it does work to grow them this way, then I should be able to have cucumbers year round. I also am growing lettuce in a pot. I do believe that will work to grow inside year round. Anyone else out there pushing Spring to come early by planting inside?


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    I started seedlings I think 10 days ago. I really should have marked it on the calendar!!! I have 4 tomato plants popping up, no peppers or rosemary yet. Planning on carrots, zucchini, other herbs, spinach outside in late May most likely. It's been a cold long winter so planting will most likely be later this year. I might try pumpkins and watermelon too.

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    I've been doing container vegetable gardening (outdoors) for a couple of years now without much success. Last year DH built me a garden box but I planted too late (Mid-June) to get anything out of it. Hoping to plant outdoors in mid to late May this year, have to be careful of frost in my region.

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