Tomato Problems??

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Tomato Problems??

So, I always have fairly good luck with cherry tomatoes. However, I can never seem to grow large ones(like beefsteaks). The plants grow just fine, huge actually, and tomatoes appear all over the place, the problem is that they start to turn brown and rot on the vine before they turn red.

What the heck am I doing wrong?? Other than the fact that they grow super huge, they aren't over-crowded(at ground level).

I was going through the plants today, picking off dead leaf stems, and getting very discouraged at all the half-rotten tomatoes I was picking off and throwing away. Sad

Advice anyone?? If you need a pic of what they look like, just let me know and I can throw one up on here Smile

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I have this same problem. I try to pick my plum tomatoes before they're fully ripened and leave them in the window for a few days and then the fridge. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

Looking forward to some advice too :O)

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I have zero tips. Ours, although not beefsteak, are actually doing great. I have even had to do something with some of them because I was getting more than I could eat. I wonder if gardenbug would have any tips.