Welcome & Ground Rules for Posting Here! (Must read!)

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Welcome & Ground Rules for Posting Here! (Must read!)

Welcome to our General Religious Discussion board! We are hoping that this will prove to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved... providing us with an opportunity to share, grow, and expand our understanding of one another. We have opened this board up to the public in an effort to generate greater interest. Smile

Please understand that this is a DISCUSSION board. It is where we can share with one another.. not attack or knock down another's beliefs. We accept the fact that religion is indeed a very personal matter and request that you remain respectful of that regardless of your own convictions.

In an effort to encourage this to remain a positive place, we have created a list of ground rules that must be adhered to for all who post here:


  • NO BASHING -- PERIOD. Those choosing to do so will find their account at minimum temporarily deactivated.
  • This board is not a place for making fun of other religions or religious customs. If you have a question of "why do they do that?" -- that is fine. Comments such as "these people must be living in the Stone Age" is definitely NOT ok. This board is for serious and lighthearted discussion about our different faiths and how we live within those parameters. Even self-hating jokes are not okay -- let's try not to do that here.
  • Tolerance: You are welcome to open a broad spectrum of topics. Please, however, understand and ACCEPT that members of a wide variety of opinions/faiths will be responding. If you prefer to get only one religious viewpoint we will be happy to direct you to the appropriate faith board. Smile
  • While you are encouraged to respond and state your point of view, this is not the place to proselytize. An example, I can share my beliefs regarding heaven and hell, but it certainly isn't my place to sentence anyone to either. Wink
  • Regarding the above -- please don't automatically take someone else's pov regarding their religious convictions as a personal affront when they share. In other words, everyone is allowed to respond and explain their views from their own spiritual journey -- and it doesn't automatically mean that it must be applied to you. If you do not believe the same then let's try accepting then that it simply doesn't apply and move on vs. turning it into a fight.
  • If you have any problems, questions, or concerns... or even just need a private place to vent, feel free to contact me at any time either via pm or email @ [email]missyj@pregnancy.org[/email]
  • We do retain the right to edit this policy as necessary for the benefit of our community and members. We do, however, pledge to maintain an open line of communication should that ever become necessary.

    Take care,

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    Thanks Missy. I wonder why there are no posts in this section of the forum. Is it closed or something?