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    Life has been ugh. Not good, not bad Just ugh. Anyway S & I had it out the other day, I mean had it out!! We stayed up yelling until 4am. Things are OK, now I guess but boy was I pissed. We had a nice dinner at my bosses yesterday, so that was nice. S has started to want to go out more, which is good, but he better not stick me with DD everynight so I cant get a break. Anyway, I should be going I have a Drs. Appt today & I just haven't felt like being on the site much recently.

    Kym, Still up for this weekend??

    Robin, Sorry to hear baby boy was really sick. How are you feeling??

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    OMG!!!! LOL! This is nuts!!! Everythat that is bold is SO me, anything thats red & bolded is something I have done, omg lol!!!!

    You Know You're From South Jersey When...
    You don't "go to the beach", you go "down the shore".

    In your mind you hear "watch out for the tram car please" even in your sleep.

    You've had arguments over cheesesteak quality.

    When it snows more than an inch, you call it a blizzard.
    You know someone named Siprasiut Xayapachan.

    You've actually found the Echelon Mall.

    Your uncle is in the mafia.

    You or your friends have Lyme Disease.
    You don't understand why there aren't more 24-hour diners elsewhere in the country.
    You know what a Wawa is, and know the location of at least 15 of them.

    You know what became of the 13th Leeds child, and claim to have seen him one time while peeing in the woods.

    One time you were driving in the woods and got stuck in sand.

    You have an EZ Pass, but you just hold it up. OMG I DO THIS EVERYDAY!!!! LOLOLOL!!

    Even though there's a new Wal-Mart in your town, you still go to the Berlin Farmers Market for cheap stuff.

    Your neighborhood demonstrates co-existence of African-Americans and racist rednecks.

    You know that you should get the hell out of Camden before dark.

    Your car is covered with yellow-green dust in April ann May.

    You buy Shop-Rite brand food at Shop-Rite. EVERY WEEK LOL!

    Honesty, sincerity, and courtesy are things you once saw happen in Ohio.

    You know how to successfully handle a traffic circle.
    You think the Olive Garden is a bunch of crap and should not open restaurants in South Jersey.
    You worked at a blueberry farm when you were 13.

    You played soccer from Kindergarten through high school.

    You've counted the number of titty bars on the Black Horse Pike.

    You always went to the Franklin Institute when you were a kid.

    Your middle school hangout was the mall.

    You have an unusable, piece-of-**** boat in your front yard.

    You once skipped school and went to Wildwood.

    You're Italian.

    You know where to get the best bagel.

    You've called someone an "asshole" to their face at the Philly airport.

    You say "water" weird.

    Even your school made good Italian subs, but you call them hoagies.

    You've almost fallen asleep on the Expressway.

    You've lived through hurricanes, nor'easters and fires, but have never seen a tornado, earthquake or volcano.

    You can't believe MTV went to Seaside Heights.

    You know that ACME is an actual store, not just a Warner Bros. creation.

    You never had school on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur.

    You take day trips to New York City.

    The mafia runs half the businesses in your town.

    You have mandatory recycling. Enforced by law.

    In the woods behind your house, you can find couches, washing machines, and shoes.

    You don't have to go to Red Lobster to get fresh seafood.

    You go to at least one parade at the boardwalk each year.

    You've made a meal out of Tastycakes, Herr's BBQ potato chips, and Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer.

    You know the Atlantic City High School marching band can lay down some phat beats.

    You know New Years is all about the Mummers and the Polar Bear club.

    You smoke Parliament Lights.

    You go to the local Fire Department barbeque in June.

    Down the road, in the middle of nowhere, is an Egyptian restaurant and a custard stand with a minature golf course.

    You know what custard is in South Jersey.

    You can go bowling at 1:30 A.M. (with automatic scoring!)

    In high school, you worked at a Friendly's.

    Route 206 doesn't freak you out at night.

    One time, a sea gull **** all over your head.

    You once said, "It smells like Philadelphia in here." OMG I SAY THIS ANYTIME SOMETHING STINKS!!!!!!!!

    You know that people from the 609 area code are "a little different". LOL My number IS the 609 area code

    Your mom still loves Bruce Springsteen.

    You know it can be -10 degrees and 70 degrees in January in the same year.

    There's a fruit and vegetable stand down the road.
    You will always say "YO", and you'll say it often.

    You scoff at tourists in Philadelphia.

    Your town has an online commmunity.

    At least one person brings Big Fizz to a party.

    You go to another state and sit at a gas station wondering when the people will come out to pump your gas. I DID THIS MY FIRST NIGHT IN DE LOL!!!
    You have your own bucket for carmel corn refills.

    You know that no matter how much they put into the Camden waterfront Camden is still Camden.

    You have to mail your relocated friends tastykakes.

    You think North Jersey is a different state and South Jersey deserves its own secession.

    Your high school prom was at the Camden Aquarium or The Mansion in Voorhees.
    You have season passes to Great Adventure.

    You refuse to call Hoagies "subs."

    You know where Olga's Diner is on rt 70.

    You are tired of people not believing you're from jersey because you don't have a New York accent.

    You drive by a farm every time you get in the car.

    You know what "jimmies" are and refuse to call them anything else.

    Eastern Regional High School has a rip list every year!

    Your neighbor is either a painter, a plumber, a builder, or an electrician with a work truck in the driveway.

    You have crossed all 5 bridges into Philly at one point in your life.
    You take day trips to philly to walk on South Street.
    You have had a near or close call experiences hitting a deer with your car.

    You run around in the nearest patch of woods and play paint ball with your buddies.
    You've considered renaming "the Garden State" to "the Hoagie State"

    You have a story about the "Hell Hole" ride in Wildwood.

    You remember the ducks in the middle of Cherry Hill Mall.

    You call the Berlin Farmer's Market the Berlin Auction or the Auction.

    You took your report card to Clementon Park for free tickets.

    You've had some of the best parties in a field.

    Other people dont know what funnel cake and water ice is because everyone else calls it fried dough and slush.

    You went "diner hopping" till the sun came up.
    You don't acknoledge that it is tomorrow until either you go to sleep or the sun comes up.

    You know where to buy a katana for less than $50.

    You go on dates to diners and arcades.

    You have empty Wawa half gallon iced tea bottles all over your car and room.

    You've ever driven around aimlessly for hours with your friends saying "So, whatta we doin?"

    You've ever said the phrase "look at fricken MacGyver over here!"

    You know the difference betwine the train and the speedline.

    The term "I think of you as a brother" turns into a whole family tree.

    You ever drove all the way to the shore just to walk around for 5 minutes then drive back.

    Your memories of places all consist of what you did there once when you were ****ed up.

    You ever went over someone's house to hang out with their mom.

    You have a knife collection, a PS2, a cell phone, a pager, and a computer but you can't afford to get your car fixed.

    One of your hangouts is a parking lot.

    You say "'lanic city", instead of Atlantic City.

    You can't get that sand out of your toes no matter how long it's been there.

    You haven't been able to find a decent stromboli since moving out of South Jersey.

    You've seen a shack with a satellite dish.

    You know that a Jug Handle is both a feature of the highway and a bar that looks like someone's house in Maple Shade.

    You know of at least 3 bars where you know they won't card you.

    You lived near a "crick" not a creek.

    You don't recognize any one at your family reunion.

    You say "gimme" instead of give me, or "com' mer" instead of come here.

    You know a Chrissy and we all know she's gotten around!

    You think we should sell north "Joisey" to New York for $24.

    Everyone eventually starred at the Latin Casino.

    You never could figure out which was the Black Horse Pike or The White Horse Pike.

    You're a female and have beaten the crap out of at least one guy who wasn't your brother.

    You ever taken your parents car while they were asleep or away, before you were old enough to drive.

    You ever cut your foot on a broken bottle in a local stream.

    You have gotten bad poison ivy from hiding in a bush to make weird noises at the people passing by.

    There is a dead body somewhere in or near the stream by your house.

    You have to drive at least 30-60 minutes to get to work in order to make more than $10 an hour.

    You know what "pulling a camper" means and do it publicly when it is necessary.

    You know that a "Yield" sign is merely a suggestion.

    You've considered going to your high school late at night to check for ghosts in the halls rumoured haunted.

    You think pit bulls are harmless.

    You don't think you have an accent.

    Half your high school went to Camden County College.

    You know what the song "V-town" is about.

    Your front yard is made out of stones.

    Everything is "twenty minutes away". If you ask how long it takes to get any place in South Jersey, the person always says, "about twenty minutes". To get to a mall, "Oh, about 20 minutes". To get to the airport, "Mmm, about 20 minutes." To get from Runnemede to Philly, "Only about 20 minutes". Try it. Only the shore areas take more than "twenty minutes". They're usually "an hour and twenty minutes."

    Thrift shopping with friends is an event.

    You've intentionally stood in front of the tram car, and you're upset that it no longer stutters.

    You remember the old Morey's Pier before the fire.

    Your parents gave in and bought you a hermit crab when you were down the shore.

    You curse off three drivers in two minutes.

    You went to StoryBook Land as a kid.

    You haven't moved out of state soley for the reason you know the food is that bad everywhere else.


    You know the one-day sale at JC Penny's really lasts three.

    You live in a "dry town" and every road out of it has a liquor store at the town border.

    Every time someone in Hollywood makes fun of Jersey, you're mad and proud at the same time.

    Your big elementary school trip was to Springdale Farms.

    You know what the conductor is going to say for every stop on the PATCO HighSpeedline.

    Your neighborhood has a name that ties people together, as in "the kids"

    Your shoes have turned black from being in Pennsauken.

    You know at least 5 people who work at a prison.

    You say "porta reeko" instead of puerto rico, as it should be pronounced.

    You go to college and describe where you live in reference to how far you are from Cherry Hill.

    You come home from college for christmas break and 75% of your HS graduating class is at the same diner you are at 3am.

    You aren't scared of the speed line.

    You don't even care when you leave your door unlocked.

    More than one of your friends has spent more than a week at your house.

    You've lived in a row home.

    Making left turns just doesn't feel right anymore.

    You have a super secret place to sled that in better than anywhere else in town!

    You remember The Garden State Race Track and the day it burnt to the ground and all the tons of ashes that fell for miles.

    You can spend the day at the Berlin Auction shopping at the outside flea market.

    "Jeet?" makes sense when you hear it.

    The only thing you can play on guitar is "Stairway to Heaven"

    You were amazed Moorsetown was on MTV Cribs.

    A member of your family does not have all of their teeth.

    You know Voorhees used to be known as Kirkwood.

    You had a birthday party at Xhilarama.

    You've been to 2 or more festivals named after some kind of fruit (strawberry, apple, blueberry, lima bean).

    You're astounded when a friend that moves tells you theres not a Wawa nor CVS withen a 10 mile radius of them.

    Going to New York is a huge trip but Philly is someplace to go when you're bored.

    You think Amish people are amazing.

    Your whole school knows when each water ice place opens, and the line goes on forever!

    You would drop everything you were doing and run to the voting polls right now if you heard we were voting to make North and South Jersey separate states.

    Summer is a process, not a season.

    You've ever been to Wheaton Village.

    You know which places were built on indian burial grounds.

    You've slept behind a Wawa.

    You remember Caldor.

    You've had a dinner with your friends for less than $3.

    You don't know that in every other state, people get their liscenses when they're 16.

    Everyone you know has had Confirmation but never goes to church.

    After seeing a movie at the Ritz, you hang out at Tunes and then play Scrabble at Coffeeworks.

    You know all of the "back roads" to get everywhere and prefer them to the expressway.

    You think a mountain is any landform taller than your house.

    You know what a "shoe-bie" is and can pick one out at the beach.

    You go to Delaware to buy smokes.

    You can name all the flavors of salt water taffy.

    You can smell and know when it's low tide.

    You remember the bad gypsy moth years.

    You eat at restaurants that have locations I, II, III, IV, and V.

    You know that you don't put ketchup on boardwalk fries.

    You get three 50's in a row when you play skeeball.

    Donald Trump is mentioned at least daily in your local paper.

    You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from south Jersey.

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    I didn't have time to finish bolding the above post, but lets say most of it is SO true, lol. We all really hate North Jersey, lol! They really aren't even a part of our state, we are our own little world. I once had a friend who dated a girl from North J and boy did we bust his balls terrible. LOL, we called him a traitor & told him he'd be dirty for life, lol! I must say Wildwood & South Street were my biggest hang outs as a kid, and I too have slept behind a WaWa once, and I know the location of about twenty. LOL! A wawa is the only convience store we have in my little town I remember when they were building it in lik 98 it was SO huge, lol. Everybody was so excited that now we didn't have to drive twenty minutes away for food.

    Anyway, off to the task at hand.....
    I have slept at my dads the past two nights, Mol wanted to make homemade cookies & decorate the tree. I sold Two of my auctions w/ BIN on ebay and the other two had high bidders! Yay!! I am going to take pictures Tues. for a lot of Em's toys, a gap scarf & glove, stephens DVD player and a few other things. I am going to post the HUGE lot of her clothes after christmas. I have to get one dress out tomorrow morning since its needed for christmas. I am going to have to do that before work, which means now I have to get up earlier, but I guess its ok.

    Anyway the thought of christmas is SO stressing me out. Christmas eve I have to go to Stephen's aunt, then my cousin, then back to my dads to lay out cookies & milk (and give my dad directions on how to put the presents under the tree, as he has never done it before) then back to DE. Then christmas day I have to open w/ S & Em, then go to my dads to open with Mol, Meg, Elissa, Dad, Emma & me, then off to S's parents to open with his parents, sister, em, me & Him, THEN I have to go back to DE & get em & I ready go to my dads, drive all the way to NE philly (about twenty minutes away) go to my cousins then my grams ALL This WITHOUT stephen. It just seems way to much for me. Way way to much. I am going to start praying now that Em will be good & calm all day because if not I may just shoot myself. I am going to miss him so much doing all this stuff without him. Anyway, my child is playing with markers and I left the room to write this so we all know what I'll see when I go back in

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    LOL! I tried to get him to play a game via email and this is what I recieved:

    Subj: RE: (no subject)
    Date: 1/3/2005 9:22:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
    From: Ste****@state.de.us
    To: FollowYourBliss7@aol.com
    Sent from the Internet (Details)

    Where the **** did you hear this **** from? I'm not playing this stupid *** game, I like the way you think you know everything but you don't even come close, I like the way you have to cover your eyes at night because your like a bat and need total darkness, I like how Emma is the most important person in your life and your a perfect mother especially for the age of 18, I like how your a horrible driver and are always swurving on the road, I like how you are family oriented and always wanting to do things together but I'm always not. What I hate is the way you don't take school seriously, How you call the house a thousand times when your at work, get mad over the smallest **** like it is the end of the world.

    LOL Now thats is why I love him.

    (Hopefully will have time to update soon)

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    WOW Jamie! Where in the hell did that come from? I'm lost!

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    Well my world came crashing down today..

    Well, that MAY be a little to dramatic.

    I went to the gyn for my check-up. My IUD is gone. I have an ultrasound monday. They drew blood today, I haven't had my period for 3 months. I may be pregnant. Probably. The blood work (hopefully) will be back tomorrow. If not it will be back monday AM. I may go buy a test tonight. I am freaking the **** out. Of course this would happen to me because god hates me

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    How in the hell is your IUD gone? BREATHE JAMIE!

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    Its probably in my ****ing uterus. It didnt fall out, I'd notice that right? They called two other Drs. in. They couldnt find the strings anywhere and they couldnt even FEEL the hardness of where the IUD should be. Can you ****ing believe this ****?? The Ultrasound isn't to see if I am pregnant its to check for the 'placement' of the IUD. Well, Its obviously ****ing not placed anywhere right. Now my anger is kicking in. I am not telling a goddamn soul, well other then the freaking thousands of people who can read this. S was very nice & understanding, I thought he was going to flip. Anyway I'll know for sure monday. Kym, I am going nuts.

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    Calm down! I'll call you tonight!

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    Today was a good day, I am so freaking about the ultrasound Monday. I am not one for surgery at all, I have NEVER had surgery for anything. I highly doubt I'll need surgery though. Hopefully once they locate it they'll be able to use their hands. I am going to get the US tech to print out the little pictures like they do for babies so I can come and post them Also the blood test results will be back tomorrow morn, but I am almost positive they will be negative for pregnancy. BUT then what does scare me is WHY haven't I had a period since Oct?? I hope this IUD didn't really **** things up, you know?? I knew I should have gotten it looked at earlier but I was to lazy & busy and didn't feel like
    driving all the way there. look what it got me.

    Anyway S was in a great mood today, and so was I . I read my new book while he played Xbox. I found a new serial killer enclopedia(sp?) on sale at Borders for $19.99. I'm on page 122 out of 400 and some but I need to take a break for a while as it has been giving me nightmares again. That's what leads me to believe even if I did really *try* to pursue a career in the field of Criminal psychology I couldn't handle it. The child killers are what gets to me, In all honesty the others don't bother me *too* bad, but the child killers make my blood crawl and makes me paranoid. S said I needed to put it down for a week or so, I agree. I made Em sleep in bed with us last night out of pure fear, that isn't good.

    Anyway, on to some good and not so morbid topics I cut Em's hair today, she looks adorable. My Digital camera should be here at the *latest* the 20th, I will be a picture posting maniac.

    S & I were talking and if it does turn out the IUD has caused some type of damage we will start TTC right away. This will definitely be our last as S & I are both positive we don't want anymore then 2. He will get snipped. I'm so scared I am going to go to the US alone and she's going to tell me theres a little baby in there, lol! S said all this talking of having another is making him "want another baby a little" lol. With his upcoming raise we could definitely afford another child, but school is my main focus. My dad watches Em when I have school and there is no way in hell he will watch another baby. No way. So that would be real difficult and I am sure I'd have to quit my job which I LOVE! I couldn't imagine not seeing little Meggy, Well we will see.

    I got some horrible news Thurs. My older sisters mother, Faye (whom I am closer with then my own mother) has bladder cancer. They did a full hysterectomy because of Endometriocancer(sp?) and found spots on the bladder, its really devastating So saying a little prayer for her would be wonderful.

    Life has been good, I seem to have more energy which is great! I still want to see Meet the fockers. OH YEA, lol, Guess what my genius SO wants to do. Starting this Monday he wants to work OT daily for the next two weeks (even days off). OT is a 16hour shift so I said fine, but he wants to do it so he can get $4,000 pay check (after taxes) which would be nice we could finally get our bedroom furniture AND put a nice amount away for bills so we could keep more money out of each check as play money. Hmm, Maybe. I told him as long as everything turns out *semi* OK Monday and I don't need surgery then he can do as he pleases and I won't complain.

    I need two new tires on my car, UGH. lol. Anyway I have our stupid car DVD player up on ebay for $1,250 hopefully someone will buy it this time. All the inquires I seem to get our international, I dont care now, I just want it out of our house. Well, I need to go make em for dinner & I. Now she insists I sit at her little tikes table and eat with her, lol. Its cute, but my *** is getting a little to big for that seat.

    Robin & Kym hope all is well!!

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