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I haven't updated in a few days, so I figured I better come in here and scribble down a few things.

I'm doing better with not obsessing over my chart and when and if I'll get pregnant. I've started exercising again and I'm in another Biggest Loser Challenge. It helps because they give me something else to focus on. So I've been feeling more relaxed these last few days. It's good for everyone involved. I'm not so crabby with my family when I'm not ALWAYS on edge.

I really believe that this will happen. Just in HIS time, not mine. And, really, that's a bit of a relief. To know that I can just sit back and know that when it happens, it happens because it's meant to. Know that it's not a mistake, not a misstep, not badly planned, as so many pregnancies have been. (Um... Not my own. Other people's.) I will know it my heart that it was meant to happen at just the time it did. It's the silver lining.

Tonight is Game Night at our house, which means that we have people coming over, which also makes this Cleaning Day for me. These plans will be interrupting my usual day of sit, bathe, eat, sit, watch tv, go to bed. It's a shame.