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    They grew up in the middle of no where. The desert was all around, the area was poverty stricken. They knew when they were grown they would have to leave, and after they married they did.

    America was the perfect nation. If you lived there you were safe, you could provide for your family, you could live on the land without the heat, without the sand, you could grow your food, no one was hungry. They had to wait to go, they had no way to travel, by the time they left hey had 8 children.

    As they entered America they knew they would never return to their home land. The memories of their childhood, their parents, the good times and the bad they would forever leave behind. To stay there would have surely meant disaster, they had no other choice.

    They slowly moved acoss the States of America, until they ended in Ohio. Ohio was the perfect place, he got a job, they bought their house. Their children were happy to finally be settled. English was limited, but the children learned. There area they lived began to grow. They were the minority, they got the stares, they heard the whispers, but they continued in their lives.

    Hispanics we not welcome in the white American town, but they had came to far and worked too hard to get where they were. The children were tormented at school. Anything was better then where they came from.

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    Life was hard for them. They had to worry about the children, waiting by the phone all day worrying someone would be hurt. They always came running in the door, the other children teased them, called them names, they were spics, it hurt them. No one understood the pain of the word.

    It didnt matter how bad it got and how bad they were hurt, they knew it was better then being back in the home land with all the struggle and death. They were happy to be Americans now. They were all proud of where they came from and who they were.

    Racism was ok then, not to them, but to others. They knew they couldn't fight it, all they could do was live with it, deal with it every step of the way. It would never be easy, they knew that,but they also knew that one day there would be the big pay off.

    As the children began graduating high school, and leaving the house, though the problems, the whispers, the stares were still there, it seemed easier. They knew some were begining to accept them, but they couldn't talk to them in public. If they did that there would be more targets. They knew the pain and didn't wish to share it with others, a quick nod to their secret friends were as far as they could go.

    Years of being secret friends, years of not knowing their names, years of segrigation. They smiled and held their heads up through it all. The road was long, but maybe it would get better for their children, or at least their grand children.

    All the while the storm was brewing, and they didn't see it coming.

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    It was the summer of 1975. Most of the kids had graduated, married, and were beginning to have children. Still not out of the eye of hate in a white mans world.

    Some time that night the brake lines had been cut, there was no way for her to know. "We will be back mom." The last words they would ever here from her. She backed out of the drive, a beep, a wave, how were they to know they would never see her alive again?

    They sat on the porch as they watched the ambulance scream by. It wasn't anything they hadn't seen a thousand times before. The twins were in their room, talking about what every teen girl spoke of at the time. It was a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky.

    With one phone call they realize things aren't as easy as they thought. They knew their lives have been changed, and there is a larger problem then teasing and name calling. This won't be the last, they knew that, but deeper then that they were afraid to know what would happen next.

    They walked into the town with 8 chikdren, and now they faced the rest of their lives, missing one.

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    No matter what happens in your life, time continues. You can't stop it. It's a hard lesson to learn. They want to relive the day she died, stop her from going, change everything. That isn't possible, and before they knew it that day was years behind them.

    In 1977, their twins, the youngest of their children graduated high school. They thought this would bring an end to the problems but it was just starting.

    When you are a minority, you are unaccepted. It's likea ritual. You are seen as less then human. People treat you as they please, you are the scum of the earth. They were trying to over come the diversity, they wanted to be equal. So fresh out of high school the girls set out to beat the world. They didn't know it wasn't that easy.

    They chose the same path, drugs, alcohol, and sex. For over 2 years they both did this. Cocaine was a big thing, so was pot. The parties never ended, and it never mattered who you had sex with, as long as you had it often. Nothing could go wrong, they had left the small town of hate. Like their parents had done, they left the place of destruction.

    Nothing is perfect, but they were young, stupid and careless. It would catch up to them, but they were too young, too high, and to drunk to realize it.

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    In 1979 one got pregnant. She should have went home, she should have cleaned up, but the idea of leaving the life she had now didn't seem to be the answer. It isn't supposed to happen, so it will work out. It went fine for a while, then people started noticing. When they turned her away she had to go home.

    Angry people do unreasonable things. She didn't want to go home, she didn't want to be bothered with the reality of life and what she had done. She was washed up and useless. She knew when she returned home, the problems would swallow her. A child without a father, a white child.

    She returned home with the perfect idea, the perfect way out, a way to end all of her problems.

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