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Angela's follow on journal!

So im continuing on from my previous journal, here is the link to it:

Aaron is 2 weeks 2 days old

I cant believe my baby boy is already over 2 weeks old, time has flown! I have waited soooo long for this and now its already here i cant believe how quick it really has been after all.

He is such a lovely little baby, very contented and sleeps the majority of the time, he goes for about 4 hours before wanting a feed.
We had trouble to start with as he lost too much weight as he wasnt bf'ing properly. We had to give him a bottle of expressed milk and then top up with formula. He still hasnt got the hang of it so we are still doing both.
Expressing was a long winded chore with my original pump i had bought (only had occasional use in mind when i bought it!!) but since getting my double hosp grade one its been much much better.
He was born at 7lbs 13oz and he is back up to his birth weight now which im very relieved about. He looks so small though!! We even had to buy a load of new clothes as everything else (even newborn size) is waaayyy too big for him, we had to get tiny baby size.

He hates his baths in his little tub, and hates his nappy changes, absolutely cries and cries bless him! He loves a bath with me or daddy though!
Oh and i love it when he does his little startle reflex, soooo cute!!!!
He constantly gets the hiccups - something he always did when i was pg with him lol.

The dogs have been great, i had worries about how they would take to him but they have been fine!

This week seems to have been a week of appointments and arragements. Its been a little annoying having to rush around sticking to times etc. We had the health visitor and midwife on Tuesday, i had doctors on wednesday, we registered his birth thursday, i had arranged to meet my work colleagues today, and my friend is coming over tomo afternoon to take some photos for us which is very kind of her!

There is a part of me that feels sad im not pg anymore, i do miss certain aspects of it. What i dont miss is the constant worry something was wrong with him or something would go wrong whilst he was inside me and i wouldnt know. That part is a relief not to have that anymore. Now its a hole new load of worries!!!

Anyway, im going to leave it here for now, im sooo tired i need a nap!!!

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3 weeks 3 days old

Wow time has flown already. These last few weeks have been a complete blur!!

They havent been an easy few weeks either, i seem to have had problem after problem!! I fnally have a few minutes to be able to mention whats been going on.
First off there was his weight loss i spoke about before, then my episiotomy wound got badly infected and i was left with this open wound which was soooo painful. It kept me virtually bed ridden for 2 weeks. After some hefty doses of antibiotics its finally closed up the last couple of days. There is alot of hardness there still but im sure thats just where the stitches are. The dr has referred me back to the hospital to get it checked out as she thinks i may need further surgery on it. I dont think i will now and if they say i do im going to make sure its 110% absolutel necessary, im not going through that again!!
Then we have had major issues trying to get him bf'ing. To cut a long story short, after 3 and a half weeks of attempting it and much advice from midwives/bf peer supporters/lactation consultants etc we still cant do it. He gets upset when we try, i get upset, so we are staying on the bottle and formula permanently. I dont want to look back on his first few weeks and all i remember is frustraction and tears. I have enough of that already what with all the issues.

He has changed so much in these past 3 weeks already i cant believe it! At his last weigh in he was 8lbs 6oz so on track perfectly! He looks like a proper little boy too! I love him so so much and cant imagine how it was before him really! Its like we have always known him.

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5 weeks 5 days.

I really must try to keep up with this journal......i just dont get the time these days.

Aaron has started laughing and doing real smiles!! They are the best ever, his little face completely lights up!!

He had his weigh in last Tuesday, he is at 9lbs 5oz now!

Bf went back to work on Monday, its hard work doing it all by myself, particularly as he was on night shifts and it meant when he got home in the morning i had to get up so as he could sleep and Aaron didnt keep him awake. Plus, Aaron isnt very settled in the days at the moment, he has to be constantly held which means i get nothing done. He also isnt as settled at night as what he was!

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7 weeks 1 day

I may not be very long on here at the moment, Aaron is crying on and off!

We had our 6 week post natal check yesterday, all is well - he weighs 10lbs 5oz now! Af finished a couple of days ago, lasted about 8 days and was very heavy! Its going to feel so so odd charting again as im going to use NFP for my contaceptive.

Aaron is developing so well, those smiles and laughs are more frequent, i love him so much! His day times seem to be more settled but he doesnt sleep as long during the night at the moment. He must be going through a growth spurt as wants to feed bang on every 3 hours.

We have his vaccines next week, not looking forward to that Sad

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10 weeks 4 days

Omg 10 and a half weeks!!!!!! Where has time gone???????????????????????????????

Aaron is doing really well!! He is growing so fast, weighs around 13lbs now (according to baby weight on the wii fit plus lol). He is in 0-3month size clothing from about 2 weeks ago but i think he is going to be out of them very quickly.

We seem to have a nice settled routine now, this is roughly how our day goes:

7.30am - Wakes for a feed.
8.30am - Back to sleep.
11am - Wakes up, wash and change and goes in swing.
12pm - Feed then Cuddles/swing/baby tv/playtime then sleep.
4pm - Feed and above
7.45pm - Feed, sleep..
10.30pm - wake up for entertainment so will sleep for bedtime!
11.45pm - Final feed and cuddles in bed with mummy!
12.15am - Down for the night.

When he is in his swing now, he really shows alot of interest in the hanging toys and makes lots of 'baby talk' noises, soooo cute!!
He smiles at nearly everyone he meets too, i cannot get enough of those smiles and laughs......every time i see them its like its for the first time again!

I love him so much, every day is a new treat waking up next to him Smile

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11 weeks

We put Aaron in his big cot in his own room the other night! The main reason was because i have the most annoying cough at the mo and that combined with bf's snoring, poor boy was getting disturbed alot. And then when we finally slept, he would disturb us lol!! Plus all my ladies from my antenatal group had done it so it gave me the confidence to try. I watched my video and angelcare monitors all night!! I wouldnt have done it without them though, they are a godsend. Anyway, he went right through from 11.30pm til 7.30am, didnt seem to notice the difference, brilliant!! Its his third night in there tonight and im watching him on the video monitor as i type this. I nearly chickened out on the first night as i missed him even before i put him in his room lol but glad i done it. I must admit, it is nice to have half hour of me time in the evening before bed.
Once he is awake at 7am ish, he has his feed, then we cuddle up together in my bed for a lie in, i love that time falling asleep with him!

I realsied earlier on, i havent mentioned my friend S for a while. She is doing great, so is her baby. Baby is 7 weeks ahead of Aaron and they are just about the same size lol!

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11 weeks 3 days

Wow these last couple of days Aaron has really started the baby talk!! It is the cutest sound EVER. He mainly does it when in his swing or having his nappy changed, and some of the sounds are soooo enthusiastic lol!

The sleeping in his own room is going brilliantly too, im now giving him his last feed at 11pm.

I have enrolled him in his first term swimming lessons with Waterbabies, which starts in March, apparently they have a nice heated hydropool! Two ladies from my antenatal class are in the same group too which is great!
Oh and im looking into baby massage groups. Whilst i dont miss being at work full time, im wanting to find some things to fill in the days a little more. I am probably going to also do a few keep-in-touch days at work here and there. I dont mind that as its only a very small amount and i wont be away from Aaron for too long.

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13 Weeks 3 Days

Aarons latest milestone - he has started intentionally reaching out for things! He first done it at mum and dads yesterday. He was in his bouncer and reached out for one of his hanging toys! Very clumsy and far off from getting at it but he is trying! Oh and he was trying to pick up the large dessert spoon at the dinner table at mum and dads this evening!

Another thing, a couple of days ago i showed him his reflection in the mirror and he started laughing! So cute.

His Bumbo arrived during the week, he cant sit up in it on his own yet, he cannot support himself fully. I dont think it will be long though.

He is still going through the nights really well, seems to get very grumpy around 9pm until feeding time at 9.45-10pm ish. Once he has his bottle he is happy and asleep in bed by 10.15 pm. He doesnt usually wake me until 7-7.30am for a feed and then i take him back to bed in with me until he wakes again usually around 11.30am. Literally, the minute i lay him on my bed he is asleep again!!!

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Aaron is 7.5 months, I am 4 weeks pregnant!!

Oh wow i have really slacked over here!!!

I cannot believe how quickly time has gone these last few months!
Aaron has grown so so much, i love him to bits, he is my life.

He has his first two teeth now, got them about a a week to 3 weeks ago, they are sharp when he bites your finger!! He is virtually sitting on his own, although his balance isnt always great so he does topple over lol. He has a great appetite, so far will eat anything, takes after me then ha ha!

I am still taking him to swimming lessons and he does so well. Im waiting for his underwater photos to arrive that we had done a while back.

My other big thing is im pregnant again! We werent ttc but werent preventing. So im going to go through that rollercoaster of emotions (mainly worry to start with!!) but cant wait! I had my first scare last night, i woke up at 3.20am needing a wee and when i wiped i had some pinky/browny discharge. I didnt harldy sleep for the rest of the night and kept dreaming about it. By the time i was up at 8.30am it was still there. I went straight to the doctors after getting Aaron fed and changed but they werent very helpful. I asked for progesterone given my past history of m/c but she siad 'we dont do that'. She then said its probably implantation bleeding and i just have to wait it out.
As unhelpful as that was, i do aggree that hopefully it was just implantation bleeding as by the time i had got home at 10am it was gone, still is thankfully.

There will be 16 months between this LO and Aaron, im so excited!! I love Aaron so much, to have another baby is such a wonderful thing.

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5 weeks 2 days

I went back to the doctors this morning. I was actually going for something else but thought it may be worth trying to address the progesterone issue again. After alot of deliberation, I told a little white lie and said i had still been on and off spotting in the hope this will convince the doc to give me the supplements. The doctor said he has never heard of this and progesterone would only 'disrupt' a pregnancy, WTH!?!?! Seriously, i dont understand how these doctors cant realise that progesterone is the most improtant thing in pregnancy!!!!

Anyway, there was a plus side, im going to get an early scan on Monday at 9.30am. Im not sure how much we will see as i will only be 5 weeks 5 days. My initial feelings were i hope i dont jinx myself by fibbing but at the end of the day im doing all i can to give this baby the best chance there is so i feel justified in what i did.

Once i have my scan Monday i will prob book an 8 week or so scan at the private place i used with Aaron. I know the nhs wont give me a second reassurance scan!!!

Anyway, Aaron is having a much needed sleep at the moment. He has been very happy today and thankfully hasnt been fighting the urge to sleep so i will have a contented baby boy once he has woken and had his evening porrige!!

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6 weeks 6 days (by O date) or 6 weeks 2 days (by scan date) ??

I forgot to update here! So, i had my scan on Monday last week. It wasnt great but wasnt bad. She found a pregnancy sac which was measuring at 5 weeks 1 day (i had be at 5 weeks 5 days by o date). That really scared me but then thinking about it my bfp was quite faint at 10dpo so late implantation ties in with that. She coldnt see anything in the sac but said not to freak out as its way to early to even see a sac sometimes, let alone anything in it.

She also commented there was 'trophoblastic reaction' (i think!) around the sac which is a good sign that indicates pregnancy. She then tells me to have a rescan in 10 days.
So after i left there i of course was freaking out even though i know logically she is right.

Then Friday just gone, i had some more spotting. It was pinky orangy brown discharge when i wiped, more so that before but still not heavy and a few spots in my underwear. Ugghhhh i had such a crap weekend worrying about it. It had tailed off by the evening and completely gone by the next day and none since thank goodness.

Seriously i dont know how much worrying i can take!! I havent relaxed or let myself enjoy this pregnancy yet, once i get Thursday over with (only 2 more sleeps!!!) then i will chill a bit more and enjoy. I am going to be a nervous wreck for that scan.

I am so thankful i have Aaron, if it wasnt for him i dont know how i would get through this.
He is doing great, he kneels and pokes his little bum in the air where he is trying to figure out how to crawl, not long now!!

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7 Weeks 3 days (by new u/s date)

So i had my scan this morning.

I was so nervous this morning, im so relieved all is looking great!!

She put the scan probe in and i saw the sac and something white appear straight away, i was desperately trying to see a hb, the lady saw it straight away and pointed it out to me, and then i saw it!! My friend came with me and she said she caught the hb flickering straight away too. Aaron sat there with her grinning away bless him Smile

That was such a relief! I saw the yolk sac too, and she said i also have a 16mm luteal cyst on my left ovary which i have suspected from day 1.

Baby is measuring at 7 weeks 3 days (2 days ahead of what i had thought) which im so pleased about, that puts my edd to March 14th. I can relax a little more now!

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Aaron is 9.5 months old, I am 12 weeks 3 days pg

I havent wrote in here for a while!! I guess with my early bleeding i didnt really let myself believe all would be ok.

Anyway, i had my 12 week scan yesterday and everything was brilliant!! The NT measurement was great, 1.3mm. baby was wiggling lots and gave us some good views of fingers and toes!! He or she was measuring at 5.67cm!
My placenta is posterior this time whereas with Aaron it was anterior - hopefully i will feel movement a little earlier!!

I told work last week, i was dreading it but they were fine!!

Symptoms - tender breasts, so so so completely and utterly shattered, very occasional nausea. And the headaches started yesterday. I didnt get that until 16 weeks with Aaron and they were horrendous so i hope this isnt the sign of things to come!!

Anyway, here are my scan pics!!

Fingers to face:

Waving arm:

Aaron is growing so fast!!
He still only has his 2 bottom teeth, i cant see any others coming through yet!!

He has started this funny little thing, if you pat your hand over his mouth he shouts out so it sounds like a red indian calling lol! And he crawled for the first time last night. It wasnt very far and very unsteady but very intentional, so cute!

He loves his food and still goes through the night brilliantly!

Here is a pic of Aaron with my sisters dog!

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13 weeks 1 days

Yay for the 2nd trimester!!!!!!!!!!!

I have booked my private gender scan, its in 3 weeks, i cant wait!!! I so dont mind if its a boy or girl, another little boy would be wonderful and one of each would be wonderful - as long as its healthy im happy!! I so hope the baby behaves and gives us some good views lol.

I started back to work properly yesterday, to be honest it wasnt too bad as i have been helping them out once a week for the past few months so it didnt feel strange. Im glad i done it this way or i think it would have been hell leaving Aaron for the first time.
And only doing 3 days a week helps too.

Aarons crawling is coming along brilliantly, every day he does a little bit better! My sister will be back from honeymoon this friday so im hoping he will be whizzing around, she is going to be so surprised!!

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Aaron is 10 months, I am 16 weeks 4 days pg


Im so happy for another boy, and its going to be lovely for Aaron to have a little brother! Not only that, there is the conveniance of it, the clothes i already have, the sharing a room etc.
Baby looked great, hb was 151bpm and the sonographer even switched to 3d/4d for a few mins for us!

I think i have been feeling some first movements, maybe sometime mid 15th week but i definately felt a couple of faint faint flicks the past couple of days. I know the first one i fel with Aaron i was just over 17 weeks, then a few at 18 weeks, but couldnt say for definate until i reached 19-20 weeks. Im hoping i can say for definate sooner this time, i love that feeling!!

Aaron is absolutely whizzing around everywhere now! He can stand and support himself if he holds onto something for a little while too, slthough not strong enough where i would just leave him to do it. He pulled himself up once about 2-3 weeks ago when i wasnt looking and promptly fell down! Hasnt done it again yet though. And his first upper tooth came through a couple of days ago! It looked really sore and gave hoim lots of bother poor little man........i think the one next to it will be through within a week.
He has also learnt to clap!

We went to Nottingham with my sister the other day and lazed around the hotel room whilst she worked, it was lovely spending quality time just me and him. he wasnt sleeping in his travel cot that night, and has a horrid cold so i put him in the bed with me and sis and he went straight to sleep and went soundly though the night - it was lovely having him net to me. Then we all went for breakfast and once sister went to work me and Aaron had some time out, the an hour and a half lunchtime snooze followed by lunch in the bar/restaurant bit, with a lady admiring how lovely he was!! He was so well behaved! We then went back to out room and had a relaxing bath, and another nap! thats the life lol!

Oh, and here are the rest of my scan pics:


Face on view

Side view

3d/4d pic

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17 weeks 5 days

So i felt my first definate movement at 17 weeks! I was sitting at the computer and there was just one faint flicking feeling!! As im sitting here typing this im feeling more definate very faint movements!
I have been suffering horribly with those headaches again these past few days, am trying to remember to drink more water as im sure that helps alot. Although this mornings wouldnt go, had to resort to the paracetamol in the end!!
My 21 week anomaly scan has been booked, 1st nov!

Aaron cut his second top tooth the other day, coped fairly well with it too!!
I cant believe he will be a year old in just over five and a half weeks. Crazy! I have already ordered his cake (themed from his fave baby cartoon!), ordered the photo invites and am deciding on decorations. Its going to be a small family only gathering. His actual birthday is on a Thursday so we will probably just do something between me him and daddy and the party is on the Saturday. There should be around 16 of us if everyone is able to go!

My tandem pram/buggy i ordered arrived a few days ago, i really liked it but found it way too long, so have sent it back and ordered the first part of the baby jogger city select instead which is slightly shorter. Plus it will last longer in age and converts to a single so i can start using it straight away before baby gets here and then after if aaron doesnt want to go in a buggy once he is older.

The second cot arrived last week also, going to have a try at putting that together tomorrow. Its already partly assembled so hopefully should be easy!! I want to get it in Aarons room and it all moved around ready so he has time to adjust to the new layout. Although the baby will be staying in with us until he sleeps through the night because its not fair on Aaron if he is waking every few hours.

Thigs left to buy:
Cot mattress
Extra camera for video monitor
Angelcare monitor (only if Aaron is still using his)
Car seat
2nd seat/conversion kit for double pram

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Aaron is 11.5 months, i am 21 weeks 1 day pregnant

Omg!!!! aaron is 1 year in just over 2 weeks, where did that go!!??
I have got most of the invites out for his party, just a few more to post. We did decide initiall just family but have also invited a few close friends too. He is going to get so spoilt!

Poor little man hasnt been well the past couple of weeks, he has had a horrible cold, and been irritable and clingly - morse so this past week. Then the other day, he kept coming out on cold sweats. By the following day he was a little better but today i noticed 2 lumps on each side of the back of his head at the base. I took him to the doctors and they are what i thought - enlarged lymph nodes. The doctor wasnt worried and said it goes along with his illness, just got to monitor and take him back in a month if they havent gone down. Its horrible seeing him unhappy!!

I had my 21 week scan yesterday, everything looked brilliant! She confirmed it was another boy too. Crazy that its probably my last scan until baby is here, and i cant believe i only have 4 and a half months left.
I cant wait to see Aarons little face when he gets to meet his little brother!!
im getting lots of little kicks, mainly down low and my scan showed baby is breech at the moment, something i dont think Aaron ever was at any scan!!

We put the new cot together and moved Aarons room around a few weeks ago, it looks good but i still have alot of tidying up to do and sorting out all Aarons first clothes. Im not worrying about that until nearer the time though.

My updated list of things to buy:
Cot mattress
Extra camera for video monitor
Angelcare movement only monitor
Car seat
New blinds for nursery
Stock up on nappies and formula (more than likely not attempting the bf'ing this time but will talk about that another time!)
Coming home outfit

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Aaron is 1 year old today!! I am 23 weeks 3 days pregnant!

Happy birthday my gorgeous little boy!!!

This time last year we were in the recovery ward and Aaron was just over 2 and a half hours old!! Omg hasnt time flown.

We have had such a nice day today! Aaron woke at about 8.30am but kept himself amused in his cot until i got up at 9am, lucky mummy! Once i had him cleaned and dressed he had his mroning milk and then daddy must have emerged at 10.30ish. Think he was more impatient waiting to open presents than Aaron lol!! By the time i had sorted myself and the dogs out it must have been around 11am by the time we got to the pressies!!
Aaron needed some help but he had a good go at ripping the paper off lol!

He got a mega block lego set, bathtime octopus toy, fisher price spin and bounce zebra and pop up play tents and tunnels from me and daddy!! Him and daddy had lots of fun playing the lego together!!
We then put his zebra up only to realise we didnt have the batteries for it, how annyoing so put that aside for a bit and put the tents/tunnel up instead......again, daddy was the first in it ha ha. Aaron soon copied and had fun crawling through, especially when one of the dogs kep in and out!

aaron then had his breakfast, and my mum and dad came over at about 12. More presents!! He got the fisher price amazing animals choo choo train, absolutely loved that!! He didnt pay anyattention to his other pressie, just wanted the train....anything with wheels on is always a hit lol! He also got the vtech wimmie the pooh cot piano, this will be great for more in cot entertainment so mummy can have the odd lie in!
Thankfully they also brought the correct batteries for me for his zebra so we put that on, he got on it with it better than i expected!! Had a good bounce/boing!!

After my mum and dad went, Aaron fell asleep straight away, he was knackered. He slept right through until 2.30ish so whilst daddy babysat i popped out for his birthday lunch. Bought some nice tortellini with a carbonara sauce and garlic gread, with a giant cake we could split for him to smash and also give out later to bfs family.

The three of us sat down for lunch once Aaron had woke up, and he wasnt impressed with his cake, not sure why but kept crying and wasnt overly sure on how to smash it up. this surprised me as i thought he would be straight on it!! This he wasnt keen on the sticky icing. Anyway, he still managed to make a nice mess of it (with our help of course!) so bf and him jumped in the bath afterwards to play with his new octopus toy.

After bathtime, he had a play with all his new toys, but was soon a tired little boy again by 4pm, its hard work being 1! Once he had fallen asleep in my arms, me and him retired to my bed a slept through until 5.45pm ish!! He woke up in a very happy mood, to find bf's mum and sister here and lots more pressies!! He got 2 coats, a dressing gown and sleep suit, mittens and hat, some books, a piggy bank, a jumper and a shirt.....thoroughly spoilt Smile . Then bf's stepdad turned up to say happy birthday and gave Aaron some money which will will buy him something nice with at the weekend i think. We gave out some cake and Aaron showed off to everyone how he can sit and bounce on his zebra, sooo cute!!

It was fairly late by the time everyone left perhaps 7.15pm ish? I got Aaron changed fpr bed, then he had his evening milk and another little play. I finally put him in his cot just after 8pm - a very tired but contented little boy!!

Im kind of sad he is a year already, makes me realise how quick he is growing up Sad but happy at the same time as its such a lovely age!! I look back at all his baby photos and genuinely cannot understand where time has gone, its literally been in the blink of an eye.
Im certainly going to remember how quick time goes when the second baby arrived and not take any time with him or Aaron for granted.

He has his party on saturday, i have so much to do still!! I have to go and collect his cake we had specially made tomo (not a smash up one lol it cost £50!). Its been done in the theme of his faveourite cartoon pitch and potch, cant wait to see it!! I have got to get all the food and drink too.

The pregnancy is going well, lots of kicks and movement!! I keep thinking of new things i need to still buy, crazy when i already have one baby, wouldnt think i need much but there is more than i orininally allowed list keeps growing!!

Anyway, thats enough for now as im going to do me and bf some food!!!

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32 weeks 2 days pregnant, Aaron is 14 months old

Ohhhh dear. Its been 9 weeks since i last wrote on here!!!!! Thats mainly been due to lack of time and lack of computer! My very kind OH bought me a new laptop though so here i am again!!

Well, where do i start!?! This pregnancy has gone in the blink of an eye, i cannot believe i only have 8 weeks to go before this little baby makes an appearance!!

I have my 32 week midwife appointment tomo and then an appointment on 15 Feb with the consultant to discuss the possibility of a c-section due to the traumatic birth with Aaron getting stuck at shoulders. I am leaning more towards wanting a c-section now, i know that its major surgery so im certainly not considering it lightly but i definaltely think my recovery with Aaron would have been better before had i have ended up with a c-section.
Plus, i had such a nasty episiotomy that my scar will definately split this time. The scar still aches/hurts and i hate to think what it would be like second time round.
But, on the other hand, i love the fact that going natural, you dont know when its going to happen, its unplanned and will happen when its time. Ohhhhh i dont know, i just cant decide. Then its the worrying baby may get stuck and somthing may go wrong, if i have a c-section this will definately be avoided.
Oh well, i guess i will just have to keep thinking and chat it over with the midwife and the consultant.

I started going through the first bag of Aarons baby clothes a few days ago - its going to take forever! I split that one large sack into 3 still-large sacks and i still have another 6 or 7 to go through! Then its wondering where to store the larger stuff until its used!! So far it has all been left bagged up in Aarons room - i want it tidy and bag-free in there for when this LO arrives.

Things left to buy:
Angelcare monitor
Co-sleeper mattress
Cot mattress
Additional camera for video monitor
Double buggy raincover
Moses sheets
Nappy bin cassetes
Cot mobile

And there is of course the name to be chosen!!!!

Im feeling so much movement, kicks, prods and limbs! Much more so than with Aaron, i think thats due to the fact my placenta is posterior with this baby - no cushioning, wheras Aarons was anterior.
I have also had an eventful couple of episodes this last 2 weeks, i had a fall at work on a slippery floor, luckily i fell on my side rather than my front. I went up to L&D and baby checked out ok, which i thought he was as i could el movement, i knew i had to be checked to be on the safe side though. Then, only 6 days later, i fell again outside my house, grazing my knee up!! This time i was majorly worried as there was a load of wet and my underwear was soacked. I knew i had a full bladder but never felt myself wee, i was so worried my waters had broke. Thankfully all was ok, i guess it goes to show how delicate my bladder is now!! Im struggling with rushing around juggling work and Aaron with a bump, have booked a few days of to cut down to 2 days a week and i only have 3 weeks left at work thankfully!

Aaron is doing great, he isnt walking on his own yet but he gets around holding onto furnitre well and he started using his walker last week, just suddenly got up, held the handle and pushed it along and walked!!! He always goes straight down to his knees if we hild his lads lol!!
He has so many little mannerisms and things he does now, he tries to shout 'DOGGIES' out to the dogs and gets all excited when he sees them, the OH is convinced its 'daddy' lol but im 99% sure its doggies as he knows OH as 'dada'!

I cannot wait to see what he thinks of the new baby, so far whenever he has seen other babies/children he really smiles! Im so glad i have another batch of maternity leave coming up - i hate leaving him to work Sad

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34 weeks 4 days

Only 38 days to go!! Well, sooner if they do do the c-section. I think im now 99% sure i am going to request this. My midwife said today she personally wouldnt risk trying a natural birth after a shoulder dystocia, she said there are too many risks. That was good enough for me to hear it from a proffesional.

Im at the stage now where its getting uncomfortable. Its mainly backache through having to carry Aaron where he isnt walking yet. Im trying as much as poss not to lift but hard when you have another LO! Thank goodness its my last week at work next week! There are a few of us going to the pub for a lunch on my last day, the same place as where i had my baby shower with Aaron which will be nice. Its not a shower, i certainly wouldnt expect another especially as Aarons wasnt that long ago lol!

I have been getting along with my to-do list nicely, sorted more clothes out and put all the tiny baby and newborn sizes into the drawers ready, just need to find 0-3mth size space now which i dont know where im going to put it all!!! I got rid of the spare guest bed mattress so thats more space too and i have half packed my hospital bag.
As for the to-buy list, i have got through that a little more too. Got a great deal on a new angelcare from ebay, got the co-sleeper mattress and also bought a new steriliser today which was half price! Who would have thought i would be spending this much second time round lol having babies just makes me want to spend!!!!!

I have had an absolute craving these past few weeks for ice!! I just want to crunch it all the time. Its a pain to keep making up so i have now resorted to buying cheap ice lollies and munching my way through them. Prob not great for my teeth though!

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36 weeks 2 days pregnant, Aaron is 15 months

So i saw the consultant yesterday and think im happy with the decision we have made.

She looked through my notes and it turns out DS wasnt a true shoulder dystocia, she asked whether the head had come out and i said no, they had to physically pull all of him out. They had wrote shoulder dystocia on my notes when it wasnt!! A true shoulder dystocia is where the babies head comes out and the neck is extended and the shoulders are left behind stuck at the pelvis. This certainly didnt happen! So although DS was stuck, it was all due to bad positioning - him being back to back.

I explained my fears of my episiotomy tearing and although she said she cannot guarantee i wont tear, there is no reason why i cant have a normal natural birth i so craved the first time. I just need to try and get rid of my fears and anxiousness.
The midwife who was present yesterday also said the same thing, she said with good coaching i may not even tear.

I really really want to try again for a natural birth after speaking to them yesterday but im so scared the same thing will happen again and there wont be time for an epidural should i need forceps. This is the only thought that is making me wonder whether i should have an epidural straight away but then of course this will increase my risk of another back to back labour.
I did everything in my power with DS to prevent this, i think i practically lived on my birth ball in the last feww weeks of his pregnancy!! During the labour (before my probs) i was in the water on all fours and in optimal positions.

But on the other hand, i want to try with just the gas and air and my tens machine, i may hget the birth i feel i was so cheated out of with DS. I feel so jealous when i see these perfect birth videos, such a wonderful experience that i never had.

I have looked into hypnobirthing but the prices here are HORRENDOUS i just cannot afford it now im on maternity pay. I will get myself a CD i think and try that.

On the whole i am relieved not to have a c-secion but, scared of whats to come!!!

I have been getting more things on my to-do list crossed off; sorted through yet more baby clothes (and there are still a few bags to go!!) and im now struggling to find space for it all!! My hospital bag is just about completely packed, and the baby bedding is all washed and the bottles sorted. Just want to organise some storage space in the living room for Aarons millions of toys as its going to be complete chaos with two of them!!

I finished up work last week which was a relief, too much rushing around. Cant believe i only have 25 days til my due date!!

Aaron is 15months in a couple of days! I couldnt believe it when i got home from work on Thursday. He had started walking holding bf's hands!! So far all he has done is walk around the furniture and use his walker but he has suddenly started walking properly! I think it will be a few weeks at least until he tries unaided but he is doing so well, i had him walking round the supermarket with me the other day, he looked so small and cute!! Lol i cant believe he done it on my last day at work!!!

I am so excited for Aaron to meet his little brother, i wonder what his reaction will be! He always looks and takes an interest in other babies/children, and he always smiles so i think he will be really cute with him.

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39 weeks

Well i can say one thing is certain, i am alot more patient in waiting for this baby to arrive this time round!! Think where i had so many false alarms/build up with Aaron that thats what made me so impatient waiting for him!
Dont get me wrong, i am just about done being pregnant and certainly ready to meet this little man but im no where near as antsy as last time.
All my jobs are done now, just a few clothes left to sort out but these are the bigger sizes that i wont need for a while so not urgent. All i have to do really is keep on top of the housework as much as possible.
My back is absolutely killing me at the end of the day now, i cant wait for that to stop. And i got the horriblest cold the other night which had me in bed most of yesterday. The coughing has strained all my rib muscles and breathing is hard as i can feel the cold has gone to my chest. Im sure i picked this cold up from Aaron as he came down with one a few days prior.....poor little boy, no wonder he was so miserable with it, if its made me feel this awful i cannot imagine how he felt!!
He is also cutting his molars, some of them have bled and they look really sore so a bit miserable for him at the moment Smile
I went to a nearly new sale the other day with some of my friends from Aarons antenatal group, picked up some real bargains! I got Aaron a winnie the pooh ride on/walker, and a toy wiith instruments/lights with a dancing monkey when aaron stands on the mat attached to it! I also picked up a baby bjorn active carrier, second hand again but great condition and for only a fraction of what it would cost new.
Starting to get worried now about too many visitors outstaying their welcome and holding the baby too much Sad i dont want that. I think this time im going to try and be firmer on this than i was able to with Aaron.

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39 weeks 5 days

Still pregnant lol!

I had midwife appointment a couple of days ago, sh e said baby is now engaed, about 2/5 palpable. I have been losing what i think is mucous plug for about 2 weeks now, so i guess all is heading in the right direction. The midwife didnt do a sweep the other day, she prefers to wait unitl due or overdue. This is probably best as with Aaron the other midwife dont the sweep at 39 weeks or so and said labour would start within 48 hours - it didnt, it started 6 days later. This just added to my impatience.
So, i am booked in for a home visit on Monday, my edd, to to a sweep. Hoping baby will make an appearance in the meantime of course. I am definatey getting impatient now. I think because Aaron was right on his due date, im expecting it to be the same this time. If this LO is late i will be climbing the walls!

Ive still got that horrble cough/cold, they will hate me on the ward all night if i still have it when i go to hosp as i will keep everyone awake!! Aaron still isnt right either poor little man, he is a little off his food too.

Everyhting is done now, i finished off all the baby clothes, even the bigger sizes. I have organised the bedrooms and i even put the new bouncer together. The new swing arrived, thats in its box still as i havent really the room to put it up unitl baby is here and i can move other stuff out the way, plus aaron will probably keep hanging off it lol.

Actually, i have just typed that and thought - its probably better it goes up now, as by the time the baby arrives it will seem a little more 'boring' to Aaron, not such a new thing to play with. Yes, im going to do that this eve once he is in bed!

We had a nice morning this morning, two of my friends from Aarons antenatal group xame over with their little girls for coffee. It was at my house should anything happen and i needed to go hosp i had everything here ready to go. Was lovely to see Aaron playing with the other babies! Or should i say toddlers!!!! Aaron is still a baby to me lol!

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Kieran Thomas is 1 week 5 days old!

I have been so so busy coping with two children i havent had time to get on here much, i fully intended to write here sooner!! I still havent even finished my birth story but wanted to update here now.

I got the birth i missed out on with Aaron!! Yay!! Birth story and full details to follow shortly, but im very very happy how things went!

Life is crazy at the moment, its like we dont get a moment to ourselves between the two of them, going to take a bit of getting used to but so worth the sacrifices!

Ok, i have to go already as Kieran is crying now!! This is what i mean lol!! Smile

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Aaron is 23 months old, Kieran is 7.5 months old

A very long awaited update!!

I havent been on the boards in such a long time, i have missed them!! Once Kieran arrived i was just so busy, sitting at the computer wasnt a luxury i had lol!
Omg its been so long i dont even know where to start!!

Aaron turns 2 years in 3 weeks, that in itself is almost unbelieveable. We are having a little party for him, his theme is cars as he is absolutely obsessed by them at the moment!! He has grown so much. He says alot of words now, the most common ones are; car (!), gogone (all gone), shoe, juice, muma, dada, oh no, oh dear, sheesh sheesh (brush teeth), byebye, nana (banana), bal. Im sure there are a few others but cant think of them right now.
He isnt ready for potty training yet, but not overly worried on that.

Kieran is 8 months in 3 weeks, he is no longer a baby baby anymore Sad although i must admit his newborn days were extremely hard work. Aaron was such an easy baby in comparison. Kieran cried ALOT, nothing was ever right for him, and i think this is partly because he was a very sicky/refluxy baby. Once we got past that stage he was much happier. He still has his moments but it overall very content. His weaning was alot slower that Aaron but he is there now.
He is already on his knees rocking too so i dont think crawling will be very far away!!
He goes through the nights brilliantly now, goes to bed at 6.30pm through til 7.30am. Aarons nights tend to be a little unsettled, i think he has bad dreams Sad i hate that thought. Luckily they dont seem to disturb each other now they are sharing a room. I didnt put kieran in with Aaron until he was 5 months old and was really good at night, it just wasnt fair to disturb Aaron.

I love being a mummy of two, no matter how much work it is (and the extra work was a shock to the system at first lol). Im at the stage again where i really miss being pregnant too!!
Anyway, me and bf are getting married in July next year and he has aggreed that we can try for our third after the wedding!! Im so excited i cannot wait for another sibling for the boys! This was another reason to come back to, i have fond memories of being on here through both my ttc and pregnancy journeys!

Thats all for now, will be back again for regular updates now though!!

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Aaron is 2 years, Kieran is 8.5 months

Aarons birthday went great, we had a lovely family day on his actual birthday, followed by his party the following day! He now has so many toys we are SERIOUSLY running out of space!
He has come out with so may new words in the past couple of weeks too - knee, door, get down, skip (my parents dog), flower, hoover, baa bo (poopoo). Crazy how he is learning soooo fast now.
Kieran started crawling properly a couple of days ago, today he has really come along going all around the living room lol. He has also started clapping 3 or 4 days ago and his first tooth came through (bottom right incisor), then the second tooth came through today!
We went to visit dad in hospital today as he had an op to unblock one of his legs in his arteries. He is doing good and was pleased to see us all! Aaron loved running around the hosp showing off to us whilst we chased him up the corridors haha!

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Aaron is 2 yrs 7 mths, Kieran is 15 mths, 1-2 mths til we ttc #3

Well, thought I'd better check in as it's been a while (again!). We get married in 24 days! Everything is just about organised, so it's just a waiting game now. We are having the whole day in a hotel with a beautiful lake. It's very small for the day time, just family and a few close friends, 22 people and my 2 gorgeous boys. In the evening there should be between 70-100 people so a lot busier! Mum is paying for a chocolate fountain hire for us, can't wait to taste that yummmmmm lol.
We have chosen all our final songs for entrances and first dance. I have got gorgeous little suits for my boys, they are going to look so cute. I'm going to have them walk down the isle with my bridesmaids, wonder if they will go all shy or sho off haha!

then, a week after the wedding me and dh to be will jet off to mexicofor our honeymoon. We aren't taking the boys with us, that is going to break my heart leaving them. they are going to stay with my sister so I'll know they will be looked after, I'm just going to miss them so much! We are going for 10 days, it's our first holiday for about five years I think. Can't wait for the lie ins and just relaxing all day.

And most of all I cant wait until we ttc #3, as soon as the wedding is done its all systems go! I'll be using the clomid again.

Kieran is walking very well, he started early comped to Aaron, think it was about 13-14 months or so. They get on very well together and play nicely, although Aaron does have a few crafty pushes/smacks to give his brother when I'm not looking!

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Aaron is 2 years 10 months, Kieran is 18 months, we are ttc #3!

Last month was our first month ttc #3. Clomid 50mg again and it didn't work Sad I had such high hopes after it was successful on the first attempt with Aaron and Kieran. But, I'm pretty sure it was down to our timing, it wasn't great as dh was on a course right before I o'ed.
This cycle I've paid privately for follicle tracking and I've upped my dosage to 75mg. And, our timing is going to be better as its on Dh's wkend off. I had a base scan on cd 6 and all looked good to go ahead, I have another scan on cd 14 (2-3 days before I o) to see how many follicles I have and what my lining is doing. I'm hoping I have more targets this cycle to increase our odds! I'll then have a final scan after o (not sure yet exactly when) to check I ovulated.
So all in all I'm feeling a lot more positive for this cycle but anxious at the same time that it may never happen again for us, that I couldn't cope with. I am so super super broody at the moment it's unbelievable. Also the fact I know this is likely to be our last makes it even more important to me.

Aaron and Kieran are doing great! Aaron has been going to nursery twice a week and loves it, I'm enrolling Kieran to start in march too! They have both grown so much, Kieran is even talking now too a little. He says wufwoo (love you), oo va (Hoover), datdat (our cat), hiya - he is such a fast learner! But reminds me even more he isn't a baby anymore, although Aaron still calls him baby Kiki Smile

My other big news, is my sister is pregnant Smile unfortunately things weren't great with her and her dh so they finally split up in July. It had been on the cards for months before that. She started seeing someone else pretty soon after, I've met him and he is really nice. I do miss her dh as I will always see him as family but things just weren't right between them anymore. Anyway, she rang me at work on weds crying her eyes out saying she was pregnant!! Her cycles have been sawed up for a long time and she hasn't had a period for months and months. Of course she was so worried it was her Dh's as that would have e
Been awful after the split.
We managed to get her a scan today and it turns out she's 5 w 5d so it's definitely R's! They are getting used to the idea now and are pleased but I think she is dreading telling dh and it's so soon after their split.
This makes it even more important for me to get pg this cycle, to share that with my sis would be the best thing in the world Smile
I also have my friend at work, C, who is on her second month of ttc#1 so I hope she falls to and we can all enjoy it together!
It seems like there are so many pregnancies around at the mo, there is S (Dh's stepsister), T at work, I suspect J at work is, my sister, and C's brothers gf! My Dh's sister friend was but I found out today she m/c Sad my heart goes out to her.

Anyway, I must go, I'm still sitting here in my uniform, shower and going to cook a chicken Korea for dinner! The huge pile of washing up can wait til tomorrow!!!!!

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Found out today that T had a m/c yesterday Sad i think she must have been around 13 weeks. Im not sure of the details but i feel so sad for her. It seems so unfair that 2 out of the 6 pregnancies i knew of have ended up in m/c's. I dont want to hear of anymore of those!!!!

Im feeling anxious about this cycle today, anxious i may not be able to get dh in the mood for perfect timing, it just seems like such a chore. And i cant tell him its the right time as that will just make things worse. Im assuming im going to o on cd 16 or 17, so ideally want to bd 15, 16, 17 and 18 to cover all bases. Hopefully when i have my follicle scan on Wednesday that will give me a good indication of my o day and i can just get the timing perfect.

C at work got her first pos opk today, so shes on the bd marathon too lol!!!

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I did write a long post on here last week but it lost it and I got so annoyed I couldn't write it all again lol!

Well, I had my follicle tracking scan last Thursday (3days ago). My sister also came with me as we managed to book her in for a private early scan as she had been having some brown bleeding. I went first as if hers was bad news she didn't have to wait around for me.
All looked food, my lining was 9mm and had the 'triple stripe' which is good for implantation. I had 2 16mm follicles on my left ovary and 1 15mm follicle on my right ovary. She seemed worried for me I might end up with triplets and kept saying be careful. I am slightly nervous this is the case but after reading a lot, I more than likely won't release all three as I'm not triggering. I'm glad I have three mature as it will give me more targets so do hope I release at least two of them....twins would be ok, but am just hoping for one baby to come of this cycle!! Smile

My sisters scan went great! R came with her too. Baby was measuring between 5w5d and 6w1d, at 2mm. We saw a heartbeat too, I was so relieved! Unfortunately she has been having brown bleeding on and off since fri or sat which is horrible and worrying for her,mi remember when I kept having that with Aaron and Kieran. I'm so hoping she will be fine as I was, it's just the constant worry of it. She has another scan at the hosp Thursday, and then another private one a week or so later.

Me and dh have been bd'ing since thurs night every night, tonight more than likely be our last bd. I was pretty sure I was going to o fri or sat but it's sun and I still haven't!! The o pain on my left is very strong and it's still there, my temp was low this morn too. I didn't get a peak on my monitor yesterday but got a pos on the digi opk, and a peak this morn with blaring positives on the cheapies. Pretty sure o will happen this evening. I hope so as I don't think there would be any chance of me getting dh to bd tomo as well!! I'm going to be so disappointed if i don't get a bfp this cycle, everything has been in my favour this month, a good response from the clomid, a very willing dh for timing, fairly stable temps and good opks. This all gives me hope it will be a bfp cycle, maybe even twins!! The thought of having to do it all again next month makes me feel sick with worry I hate the stress of ttc.

C is in her 2ww, she is about 8dpo today. If she gets her bfp and I do, we will be about 2 weeks apart. I will be about 4w2d between me and my sister. That will be so cool to do this together :-). I do have a good feeling about this cycle for me. My next scan is tomorrow at 4.30pm, then I'll know for sure how many follicles I did release!!

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Well, I have a few bits to update on!

I had my final scan, turns out I only released on egg from my left ovary. I was slightly disappointed that I hadn't released two, as that would have upped my odds. But I am still grateful that at least I did o, and we did get good timing in. I can't do anymore than that! I'm currently 4dpo. I'm going to test at 10dpo, no sooner, last month was too stressful with the early testing!

Sister had her scan again yesterday at the hosp, everything looked good still, baby was measuring at 6w 5d with a lovely hb :-). I'm so pleased all is ok!

C rang me tues morning, she tested 10dpo) and thought she could see a faint line! I drove to work and met her and we dipped one of her frers together. She got a bfp! That line showed up straight away! I'm so pleased for her but can't help but feel at the same time because she got her bfp I'm not going to get mine, like they are limited or something which I know is really stupid!!

Anyway, I'm trying to keep busy in this 2ww, only 5 days to go until I test. Please please please let it be my bfp!!

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I'm 7dpo today.

Symptoms? Nothing so far part from today I started getting sharp pains on my left ovary area, probably from the ruptured follicle. But I have also started getting twinges on my right side this evening. I'm hoping the left side pain is a good sign as I had that with both pregnancies.
Only 2 days then it's my testing day!! Feeling positive today!

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Well, the positive feelings didn't get me far Sad bfn's on testing and af arrived. Couldn't believe it I was gutted, and the thought of carrying on to another cycle was unbearable. But now I'm onto that other cycle it's fine. I have a new plan too! I have decided to do a trigger shot this cycle alongside the clomid. I know it could up my risk of multiples but I'm so desperate for another baby and I can't help but feel time is running out.
I had my base follie tracking scan today, no cysts so all good to go. I'm doing the clomid days 3-7 and my 2nd follie scan on day 13 which will hopefully show nice mature follicles so I can trigger that morning. All being good then me and dh are off that weekend to get all the bd'ing in we need to make our little bubba #3!
Sister had her scan the other day and all looked good, baby was measuring 8w1d yay Smile so exciting! She is about the only person who can be pregnant without me feeling jealous, not even a tiny piece. I'm so happy for her and can't wait to be an auntie.
She is 8w4d today, time sure is going quick already.
Bil and his gf had their baby last week, little Henry, me and dh are going up to see them Saturday and meet the little man, just to make me even more broody haha can't wait for baby cuddles Smile

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So this month didn't go quite according to plan but still worked out ok. Iwent for my cd13 scan which showed absolutely nothing, no follies at all, just small ones and my lining at 7mm. I Left really disappointed but hoped it was just taking my body a little longer.
I went back for another scan on cd 16 which showed nothing on the left ovary but 2 on the right at 13mm and 15mm. She said she actually could get the larger one measuring at 17mm if she used the largest diameter whatever that meant. My lining was better at 10mm too so I had a little more hope.
She said she thought I should trigger on thurs morning. I decided I would wait until I started my lh surge just to make sure it wasn't too early to trigger as I wouldn't be haing another scan.
Thurs morning I started getting my surge at around 10am so my friend C met me at work and gave me the trigger at 11am! I started getting some o cramps that afternoon but they really picked up the next evening. We bd the night of the trigger, the morning after the trigger and the night after the trigger and Im pretty sure I o'ed bang on 36-39 hours post trigger, textbook or what!! Which means we bd'ed before and right on o time. My temp was up this morn and my o pain had completely gone.
Up until when C triggered me, apart from my sister I haven't shared anything about this cycle with anyone and it's made a huge difference. I haven't been thinking about it every second of every day, I've been nice and relaxed and it's felt much better.
I'm not having a post O scan as I'll only worry and stress over what I cannot change. I unfortunately can't get out of the early testing as I'm testing the trigger out but that's ok, I won't worry too much about the whole testing experience as I know the hcg is there from the trigger.
So, if we have concieved this cycle, baby's edd will be 26 July, our one year wedding anniversary!! To me, this cycle is meant to be Smile

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I am 3 weeks 4 days pregnant!!

This cycle worked!! Yahoo

I tested out my trigger, that was more stressful towards the end than i anticipated! The line had gone by 8dpo/9dpt. Then i noticed there was a very very faint line on the 9dpo/10dpt evening tests. I was getting hopeful but at the same time i was pretty sure it was left over trigger just showing up in my evening urine. I also tried a frer on 9dpo/10dpt and this showed a very faint line, more obvious thant the cheapie test. I used another frer the next morning, 10dpo/11dpt - this one was marginally darker but not enough to really notice it. At that point part of me was thinking at least there is a line, theres still hope, the other part was thinking its way too faint at this stage to be getting to a bfp.

I had one cheapie left at this point, so decided to use this that evening. Straight away i could see a line appearing!! Once it dried it was still there. I rang my sister and she talked me into dipping a frer - the line on that was MUCH darker than the morning one!!! I still didnt want to get my hopes up incase it was darker because i used evening urine again, but i was more confident i may be in with a chance. I couldnt sleep all night, kept dreaming of testing, kept waking and worrying i was going to be disappointed and Aaron kept waking up too.
I couldnt hold my bladder any more by 7.40am so used my frer. At first it didnt look like there was any line appearing, but after a few minutes it was there, and darker than the night before!!!

I went back to bed and waited for dh to wake, finally he did lol and was very pleased when i showed him my tests!! We did it!!!
I also added in progesterone suppositories this cycle so im sure that helped, my temps were much better post o too.

I must admit, there is a very small part of me that is worried the trigger is playing tricks, but i know thats very very unlikely now the tests are getting darker. But now, i need to relax and not worry. I need to enjoy this pregnancy as bubba#3 is likely our last!!

Sister had her 12 week scan a few days ago and everything was looking great! Will be so nice getting to do this together! And C had an early scan a couple of weeks ago and all was looking good for her too!

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5 weeks 1 day

I want time to go quicker!!! I hate this waiting part of pregnancy.

Ive got an early scan next Friday, ill b 6 weeks so i hope we see something. It is very early i know, but my main reason is to see how many are in there!! After my trigger shot i guess there is a small chance of twins as i did have two follicles. Although i feel like there is only one!
After that ill probably have another private scan at 9 weeks and then my 12 week nhs one. Im trying to get though 'mini milestones' like i did with ds2, that helps get through the days!!
I will then have my first midwife appointment a week later at 7 weeks. It is at the same centre as with Ds2, i hope i have the same midwife as she was very nice. I cant wait to do all that again, i have such fond memories from before!

We told all the family who are very happy for us, and i have told a few close friends at work. It going to be great being on maternity leave with my sister and C! Im really hoping to take a year off as this will be our last baby, am going to make the most of every second.

Aaron hd his third birthday last weekend, got thoroughly spoilt as usual!! Cant believe he is three! And then Kieran wil be 2 in march!
It will be nicer having a larger age gap this time round, it was hard work before. Plus the boys will both be at school so ill be able to 'sleep when the baby sleeps'.

So far my main symptom is that horrible tiredness!! Although thats not helped by Ds1 waking up all night. Ive had a small amount of heartburn and slightly tender breasts, but no sickness like before i im thinking its another little boy Smile
I really dont mind what we have again, i just want a baby Smile and am just so grateful to be pg again Smile :-)

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6 weeks

So I had my first scan today, and there was only 1 baby in there lol!

I'm 6 weeks today, baby was measuring at 5w5d but the lady wasn't worried as she said the measurement at this stage is inaccurate because the baby is soooo small!

We saw a lovely heartbeat and baby measured a tiny 2mm!! It amazes me how it can be that small and yet we see a heartbeat! She is going to rescan me free of charge in 2 weeks Smile

It feels real now I've actually seen it on screen, like I actually believe its true!

I have my midwife appointment next week at 7 weeks, then the rescan at 8 weeks. Hopefully this will make time go a little quicker.

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7 weeks 3 days

I had my midwife appointment on Friday, was disappointed slightly as it wasn't the same midwife I had with ds2. She was ok, but a little too serious for my liking, trouble cracking a smile!!
Anyway, it was all paperwork, nothing major. I got a ll my free packs (forgot about that perk!) and she tested my urine which was clear. Bp was ok too.
When she rebooked me for my 16 week appointment I found out that my old midwife does Monday's so I purposely made sure I got her yay! Really pleased about that Smile

I've had nausea appear the last couple of says, at around 10am it was bad, I kept heaving! Once I ate it went. Wonder if this means it's a girl this time? Other symptoms, very tired, increased urination (2-3 toilet breaks a night!) and tender boobs.

I have my scan friday - ill be 8 weeks - I'm feeling very nervous about that. Trying to stay positive though. There's so reason to worry as I've had two successful pregnancies since my m/c in 2007. Im on the progesterone too so that's another reason to stay positive!

My sister hits the 17 week mark this week! That has gone so quick. It only seems like yesterday I was writing in here about her going for early scans etc. i can't remember if I mentioned in my last post but she had a scan when I had my 6 week one as she'd had a car accident and everything looked great thank goodness. They put it in 4d for her too which was great! I'm definitely having a 4d scan this time.

We saw Ds1 in his school Christmas play today, he was so so cute! He was a little king, I've never been so proud Smile

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9 weeks 1 day

Well, actually it should be 9 weeks as I realised why I'm measuring a day behind at my scans. I o'ed shortly after midnight, not during the day as ff puts it so that puts me back a day. I'll keep it the same for arguments sake tho lol!

Talking of scans, i had my follow up u/s last week at 8 weeks (7w6d!!), all looked great! Baby measuring spot on and had a good hb of 162bpm, I'm so relieved!!

It feels really good to be at the 9 week mark now, I have relaxed a lot more plus I had a little peek at work today on our scanner and baby was moving!!

I've been manically rushing around the past couple of days getting all my Christmas shopping. I'm nearly done. I got sister a lovely teddy Moses basket and a baby playmat/gym! I'm also going to make her a nappy cake, not sure how that will turn out as its my first attempt! Quite looking forward to doing it though.
We have spent loads on the boys, got them their castle as their main present. I can't wait to see them open them up!! I'm going to let Aaron sleep in our bed Christmas eve night so we can wake up together Christmas morning. Dh is on night shifts so he will miss out Sad

We have everyone at ours Christmas day, 13 including the kids!!

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10 weeks 1 day

Ok so I'm now going by what the scans measure me at - the one day behind I mentioned about previously. Something very silly lol but a day makes all the difference to me and I want to be as accurate as I can!

Christmas day went well, better organised than I thought it would be! The boys were so tired after a few late nights and lots of presents. Am trying to get them into a routine again now it's all done with. I took all the decs and tree down yesterday as I was so fed up with the house looking a mess lol!
Me and dh aren't doing anything for the new year, will just stay in. I'll probably do us some nice food and we will watch films Smile

I'm going to pop out later to buy my first baby item :-). I wasnt going to get anything this early but a lovely baby glider/swing has come up half price in the sale and I have been looking at it the last few months! Mum is actually going to pay for it for me, as I have most of the stuff I need already this is a little luxury I would like!

Thought I should start making my list of things I need too. Obviously if it's a girl there will be a replacement of most of my boy things, but for now I will list just the things I need/want regardless of sex.

Co-Sleeper Mattress
Carrycot for double buggy
Moses basket (maybe will be having bil and gf's one as baby H has outgrown)

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13 weeks

I had my 12 week scan a coupe of days ago! I was at 12 weeks 5 days and measuring spot on! Baby was 6.4cm and wiggling around. The nt measurement was good as well, 1.4mm. I asked the lady to guess the gender, she said she couldn't see anything there - now that could mean its a girl but could also mean a willy can still appear so she didn't really give me much of a clue. I managed to see a very quick inbetween the legs shot and I couldn't see an obvious willy, but I guess there is still time for one to develop so not going much on that.
Have been doing a lot of research on the nub theory and so far my scan pic leans more towards a girl. I feel like I'm having a girl now but that may be because all of these little hints have put it in my head lol! Dh said it looked like a girl, he doesnt know what he's looking for on the u/s - he just has a feeling.

Can't believe I'm 13 weeks, it feels so great to be at this stage! Only another 2.5-3 weeks and we can find out for sure if it's a girl or boy. Sister found out she is having a boy so if this is a girl she will get all my boy stuff Smile

Here is my pic

It is such a clear pic, the best I've ever had at any scan! I'm so impressed with it!

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14 weeks 3 days

I felt the baby move at 14 weeks exactly! It was a small tap on the lower left after of my tummy. Im 99% sure it was the baby! Then I felt it again yesterday, three small flicks that was definitely baby! I'm so pleased I am starting to get small movements it makes it all so much more real!

I have booked my gender scan too, its 8 feb! Only 9 days to go eeeek I can't wait!!

Not really much else to update on, I just wanted to mention about feeling baby Smile

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16 Weeks (going back to old edd!)

Yes, I had my scan today and decided to go by my old edd of one day earlier as I was measuring between 16w - 16w 4d. And like I said earlier, 1 day makes all the difference hahahaha!

Anyway, the big gender reveal!!
When we got there we had to wait for about 15 minutes, it seemed like forever! Ds2 was with us and he was showing off running around the sofas and playing peek a boo Smile Dh's mum came with us too, so that was nice. Anyway, the lady finally called us in, and started scanning. She tried to see the gender shot but said she couldn't quite get the view. I was pretty sure from what I could see it was a girl but kept quiet incase I was wrong lol. Naught baby had the legs crossed too! The lady asked me to go and empty my bladder and see if we could get a better view. I was getting worried we wouldn't get a definite answer when I got back.
Anyway, she looked again, at all different angles and...................

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said before, I genuinely wouldn't have minded what sex it was but I'm so happy for a girl Smile :-) Smile :-)
As soon as i got home i bagged up all my baby boy things for my sister. Normally that would make me sad seeing it all go but i know its going to a good home! She came round earlier and picked it all up but I still have more stuff to sort. I need to get it done ASAP as I need to room to get all my girl things, I have nothing so starting from scratch haha! I can't wait to buy all new bits, never done that with ds2 as we had everything we needed.
I was sad as we only have 2 bedrooms so I don't get to give the baby it's own decorated room. But, we are getting the boys bunk beds so I get to do their room all nice for them and I will 'pinkify' an area in our room where baby will be Smile

Ds1 is all potty trained now, he's been so clever and got it all of a sudden bless him!

Here are some other pics of scan:

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17 weeks 2 days

We have had a very busy weekend. We ordered toddler bunk beds for the boys last week and they arrived yesterday. Dh started putting them up in the afternoon and bil and his gf arrived an hour after we started so the men went and got the work done whilst us girls drank tea Smile baby H has grown so much! They also announced they got engaged and will have their wedding around March/April time next year so we chatted weddings too :-).
They bought us a lovely pink girl dress and cardigan with a bonnet and a lovely pink blanket! This is added to my pink collection nicely lol.
I cleared out the final boy bits for my sister, we also gave her the toy chest we cannot fit in the bedroom anymore and one of the cots as we don't need two. That's made a lot of free space for us.
In the evening the four of us went out for a nice meal, it was a late one! Mum and dad had the boys for me so it was nice knowing I was going to have a night of undisturbed sleep, although I ended up getting up for a wee at 4am anyway! We had a nice lie in until 11am, not done that for a LONG time!! We then finished off tidying and moving the boys room around. Just need to wait for the mattress delivery tomorrow for the bunk beds and dh is going to fix a hand rail onto the wall to help ds1 climb up his steps. He is also going to assemble the bed guards I will buy tomo for extra safety, then we are complete! Well, nearly, once all the rubbish has been chucked out tomo eve.

I have my new Moses basket, I LOVE it:

I think I will get the matching bedding for the cot:

And I *may* paint the wall of the boys bedroom where the cot is starting pink for baby so she has her own little pink area when she goes onto their room. I'm undecided as to whether it will look silly. They have a lovely wall sticker/matching decoration which I could get too:

I have been also buying some lovely baby girl outfits during the week, and have been bought some lovely things too. C's mum got a lovely dress and cardigan with little socks, dh's sister got us a little 'born in 2013' vest,hat and big set, mum has got us a dress and top set, dress and leggings set, pack of pink baby gros and muslin squares, Kp got us a few sets but she will give them to us when baby arrives and sister has got us something which she will drop in during the week! Oh, and even my neighbour bought us some pink outfits too!! Smile :-) have been thoroughly spoilt!!

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22 weeks 2 days

Oops I've been a bit bad writing here lately!

I don't even know what to start with as its been so long lol!

I've been having lots of movement, and even felt it from the outside by 19 weeks. I love the feeling of baby so so much, I will miss it when I've had her.
I had my 21 weeks scan on Thurs last week (was a few days late as I was 21w6d) and it went great. Dh and mum was with me. Baby was opening and closing her mouth and we could see her tongue moving, it was so cute! She also started sucking her thumb!
Everything looked normal and healthy so that was a relief and it was definitely confirmed girl again Smile

Ds2 turned 2 last week too, he got lots of pressies and we had a little party for him with just close family. Then the four of us went to peppa pig world the following day. Unfortunately both boys got ill so they didn't enjoy it as much as they would have but still had a good time!

I have bought a few more bits for baby, some clothes, the steriliser and dh bought me the pram top I wanted to fit the double and single buggy. I also bought a lovely new swing as I wanted a bigger swing as well as the glider Smile

Can't wait to see her in all her new baby things. And I so can't wait to do it all again! Remind me of this when I'm having no sleep!! I have been also thinking about the birth a lot lately. I really want to try again without the epidural and I'd love the idea of having the water birth I didn't get with Ds1, but I also compare how calm and relaxed Ds2's birth was due to the epidural. Plus I'm still terrified of things going wrong again. I guess I just have to take it as it comes on the day, I'll know what to do as it happens.

Ds2 starts his first day at nursery next week, he will be going on the same session as ds1. Can't wait to see his little face playing with all the other children!

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30 weeks 1 day

Omg it's been 8 weeks since I last wrote here - naughty me!!

All going well, baby is moving lots all the time, rib pokes and kicks everywhere Smile

I had my 3d/4d scan at 27 weeks, it was the best ever! Baby was yawning and sucking her thumb/hand, and we got lots of great pics. she was measuring around 2lb 4oz at that point! It seemed like I waited forever for that scan and now it seems like it was ages ago!!

We now have just about everything we need, only got three things left to buy, the Playmat, carrier and buggy raincover. And I've managed to put a nice amount of savings aside to help with maternity leave as I definitely want a year off.

I had my bloods done a couple of weeks ago and I'm mildly anaemic so need to get recheck in another couple of weeks after being on iron tablet - never got that with the boys! And the dr wants to check my glucose - got to fast for 10 hours booooo!
All my midwife checks have been normal with baby measuring spot on too.

Sister is due in 5 days! That is unbelievable! Baby has been measuring large though for the last few weeks, measuring about2-3 weeks ahead - hope she doesn't go overdue. We are all going for a meal next Friday if she hasn't had him by then!! They had a 3d/4d scan too at 30-something weeks but naughty baby didn't show his face.

J at work had her baby a couple of weeks ago too. Once sister pops then it will be C approx 3 weeks later, then my turn will soon come round! Whilst I want it to hurry up, I also don't, as I don't want to keep wishing this pregnancy away.

Can't wait to see what the boys do when they meet their baby sister Smile

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35 weeks 1 day

Only 5 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!

S much to tell, where to start..........

Sister had her baby, he was born 4 weeks ago yesterday! His name is Archie and he is so cute! Se ended up with a traumatic birth, just like I ha with Aaron she ended up with forceps and a nasty episiotomy Sad she has also been suffering bad with piles. The doctors need to get them sorted as its so miserable for her. Se is breast feeding him and doing very well with it which has surprised me as she has never been one for breast feeding lol. Se had him one day after her due date so that was great!
C was due a week ago (by ovulation date) and still nothing! That puts our babies closer together. She has her induction date booked for Tuesday 25th June.

I finished work last week, LOVELY!!
I have started packing my hospital bag, I'm late doing it this time compared to the boys! I've also bought our Playmat and the bedding set - i got different ones than I originally wanted in the end as they were on sale at half price! I fitted the baby car seat into my car a few days ago as I needed to make sure all three seats would fit in the back which they do so. And I also got all my baby clothes washed and organised, need to start on bedding next. All my supplies are organised and tallied up, still need to stock up a little more though, the more the better - less cost for us whilst on leave.

This is the bedding I got in the end

I should have been ?86 but got it for ?43! I'm not going to paint the cot wall in the boys room pink as its more expense and she is likely to be in our bedroom for at least 5-6 months so it seems a little pointless really.

Our new sofas arrived last month too so we got the living room organised and spruced up, it looks much better with a lot less clutter so I'm really pleased with that. Once I hit the four-weeks-to-go mark I'm going to really blitz everything in the house ready and start cooking some dinners, I never done that before and I think it would have helped a lot more. I'm going to have a cook up day where I spend all day cooking and freezing dinners ready.

The birth? Think I am definately leaning toward avoiding the epidural this time and trying in the water again. It really scares me that things may head the way they did with Aaron but I think it will be less likely so trying not to worry too much Smile

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37 weeks 2 days

18 days to go!

I have just about finished all my tidying/organising. Baby bedding is all washed, steriliser/bottles etc all set up, kitchen junk cupboard cleaned and organised, bedroom organised ready for co-sleeper and the last few bits bought. I have also finished packing the hospital bags aside from a few odds which can't go until we do!!
This Wednesday is going to be my cooking day.

C had her baby on 25th June! She ended up having to be induced. They started the process 24 June in the early evening and baby girl was born by 2.30pm the following day! She also ended up with a traumatic ventouse/forceps birth and episiotomy Sad she is recovering well though so not too bad. Baby Maddison was 6lb 13oz!

Sister is doing well, Archie is over 6 weeks now! She has started introducing formula the last couple days as he isn't settling. He is starting to do cute little real smiles too!

I'm getting very uncomfortable now. My back aches so bad by the end of some days and I'm fed up of feeling so huge and akward. The Brixton hicks are uncomfortable, baby has also been digging real low the past couple of weeks, I can feel her scraping on my cervix and pushing right down. The weather has been too hot this weekend, I would normally love it but its making me so hot and sweaty ugh!!

Not long and I will get all this excess weight off!! I definitely look a lot bigger than I did with the boys at this stage - I, hoping its because its baby number 3 and not because she is huge!!

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37 weeks 4 days

Just a quick entry as I wanted to update!

I saw the midwife yesterday, told her how low down baby is digging and she said it definitely looked like my bump had dropped. She measured me, I was 36cm two weeks ago and was measuring 36cm yesterday which shows baby has dropped. She also said the head was nearly fully engaged - she could only feel a tiny part! She wrote one fifths palpable on my notes. I don't think labour is coming with in the next week but maybe I'll be slightly early judging by this.

I started all my cooking yesterday, done some more today and I'm going to finish off tomorrow. It kind of made me want to hurry up after seeing the midwife!!

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39 weeks 1 day

Getting impatient!

Think this hot weather has made it worse as I can't really enjoy it, I'm getting annoyed with having to have three showers a day lol. Thankfully today is cloudy and cooler, hope it stays that way.

I've been feeling a little on/off crampy since yesterday evening. I kept waking up half asleep waiting for labour to start but nothing so don't think it's happening yet Sad

I had midwife at 38w 3d and she said she couldn't feel any head at all, it is completely engaged! I've been constantly on my ball and am going to give it a good to today too. I'm constantly on my feet/walking around most of the day dealing with the boys so I'm not sure what else I can do to move baby on, we've dtd a few times too, will do that again more closer to edd. Hopefully the midwife will do a sweep on Monday, although I'm not holding out much hope it will be successful as my cervix is still really high/posterior. That's worrying me even though I know it shouldn't, need to stop obsessing/checking.

Me and dh had a lovely day out yesterday taking the boys to the farm and having a picnic, it was nice to relax and not constantly think about when is this baby arriving!

I need to pack my last minute bits into my hosp bag today, I keep worrying about that too.
I set up the baby co-sleeper a few days ago as ds1 sleeps in our room a fair amount and I wanted to get him used to the idea of it being there and he isn't allowed to climb in it. It seems to have worked as he has lost interest in it now. All that's left to do is assemble the bouncer/glider/swing and sterilise bottles and dummies. Don't think we will do those until baby is home.
I can't remember if I said, but I finished ally cooking, there literally isn't an ounce of room left in the freezer - 50 dinners in total!! And I have been keeping on top of the washing every day! Mil is home on Weds for a couple of weeks so I'm hoping she will have the boys for me a few times to help and my mum said she will book some time off too.

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Bethany Rose is 3 days old!

Just read my last entry and cannot believe I didn't update sooner!

I'll recap as I don't want to loose the memories of the past week!

I had midwife on Monday 22nd at 39w 3d (a week ago today!) and as far as they were concerned I was overdue at 40w 1d. She offered to do a sweep which I immediately said yes too! She then looked surprised as she done it and said I was at 4-5cm dilated already and very stretchy! She said I had to make sure I went straight to hospital as labour would happen very quickly and if I felt I wasn't going to make it to stay at home and call the hospital! She done the sweep and confirmed the head was still fully engaged. She also said my cervix was thinning out well.
My sister was looking after the boys for me that day as dh was at work. It was a very hot day and I remember being so uncomfortable and sweaty I was so relieved to hear it wouldn't be much longer! I got back home and rang dh, he panicked when I told him what the midwife had said and managed to book the extra holiday so he would be off from the following day onwards. I then sat on my birth ball for ages hoping to start myself off!

Dh got home by 11.15pm ish, I had been timing contractions from around 10pm onwards. They were appearing evening every 5-8minutes or so but were not painful at all. It was because they were so regular I was getting worried it was the start of labour. We waited it out until about 1.30-2am and decided to go up the hospital to be on the safe side - after what the midwife had said we were paranoid!! I called mum to come over as the boys were in bed. Once we got there, the first midwife I saw said "oh you look ok" which annoyed me a little as I wanted to explain why we had come down. They changed over and the next midwife I saw examined me and confirmed everything my community midwife had said - I was at 4-5cm dilated and membranes were tight over baby's head. We suspected as my contractions weren't painful they weren't the real thing and she said to go walk for an hour and see what happens. I said to dh we should just go home as I didn't think It was coming to anything but he wanted to wait it out to be on the sage side. We left the ward and went outside, it was thundering and lightening where it was so muggy and hot - it was trying so hard to rain to clear the air! Dh remembered, that nearly that time last year we were watching a storm brewing on our honeymoon in Mexico Smile
We walked the grounds for a bit and then sat on the bench, gave it about 30 - 40 mins in total before returning to the ward to get discharged.
I think we must have got home by 3am, my poor mum had work the next day! It was still really hot and muggy and trying to rain. I think we went to bed by 3.30am. I kept dreaming all night I was in labour! All of a sudden at around 4.10am there was lightening and an almighty clap of thunder it was so so so loud!! Luckily we had let ds1 sleep in our bed that night or he would have woke up scared in his own room! The rain came down sooooo heavy!!
By the morning there wasn't any contractions at all so I think the sweep had just aggravated me. To be continued tomorrow..........