been a while

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been a while

I know, I know...I suck at this jurnal keeping..but hey..what do you expect out of a stay at home mom to two toddlers. I am lucky to find time to take a shower, much less anything else.

So here I am...Thomas is not doing so well, he is sick..again...surprise believe it is jonathans falt, he started it. He is still having poopy issues...never seem to make it in the potty...but hey he does pretty much have the rest of it down.

Jonathan is doing fine I guess, He don't feel well either but he is doing good for his age at potty training. He has gone about 8 times or so in the potty in the last 2 days..well, sorta..2 days all in all, but not the last two days. Church was yesterday so he was in pullups and today he was in pullups cuz I had to go to the dr and had to have a friend watch them.

Well, I am not doing to good myself. I do have a slight headache. But that is beside the point. I went to the ob/gyn today cuz my left breast is very painful....I am being referred to a specialist cuz they don't know what is going to say the least I am a little scared. I am only 25 so the likly hood of it being anything major is very little...know what I mean..but I am still on edge about it. I go see the surgin on Mon the 20. So I will write about it after I get back. If anyone out there that reads this pray...please keep me and my family in your prayers. It is hard enough to take care of two toddlers and now we have this to deal with. Maybe it is nothing, then maybe it is...just have to wait and that is the hardest part...waiting.

On another note, I may be pregnant. Guess we have to wait on this one to....not due for my period till the 22. So the waiting never ends.