That was hard to make a title. lol I used to keep an online journal but I kind of lost track of it when the site because loaded with a bunch of idiots. lol There's a lot going on right now...I just found out I am due like 14 days before I originally was and now I feel a lot more rushed. The end of semester for school was supposed to be January 13, 2005 but now I don't think it will be since school was out for 2 days including today. We got a big storm of freezing rain and then snow over it. Im kind of glad because school is really wearing me out. Ugh. On January 15 I am supposed to visit the college I want to go to. I hope my father lets me go there. I really like the school and everything. I am going to be a medical assistant. It should work out. Oh well. I need to get going now. I need to get some cleaning done.