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Busy Me

I never knew you could just start a journal, so here I am!

First, I will introduce myself. My name is Catherine, but everyone calls me Kate. I am 24 years old. Im married to the love of my life and high school sweatheart, Matt, we met in August of 2000 and got married October 23, 2004.

We have two little boys, Elijah 2.5, born march 1, 2005, and Hayden 1, just celebrated his first birthday on September 28. I went back to college last may, and I am attending the University of Phoenix online. I will graduate in June, as long as things go as planned.

We live on Long Island (new york), and we are currently planning on moving down to Virginia in the next 6 months to begin the next chapter in our lives, independance! We have rellied a lot of family in the past few years, and they rely on us for a lot too, and we both agree that it is time to break away from the clan and try this whole family thing on our own.


Hayden started walking a lot the past few days, and is now walking more then he is crawling. Elijah is now talking up a storm and can talk as well as any other child, he knows every word, I swear, and doesnt hesitate to tell you whats what!

Matt just inquired about a job down in VA for a security company. It would be a great chance for our him to try something new.

I just completed my second block of courses, and I only have 7 more till I graduate.

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Today was an ok day. The kids were being crazy this morning, so after lunch we went for a walk to the library.
We some how managed to have no money this week, we have $21.46 for 7 days of groceries for 4 people, I dont think even the most frugal person can shop with just that. So I am taking my chances and writing a check at target, in the hopes that it wont be cashed before the next pay day. I hate weeks like this, and they seem to be happening more and more.
I decided today that I am just completly sick of being fat. I have a pic on the fridge from when I graduated high school. I was 110lbs and wore a size 1 or 3. now I am close to 180 and in size 12!!!! yuck! my body just cant handle the weight. I have a skinny frame, so the added weight puts a lot of strain on my back and feet. I just look rediculous because my arms and legs (except thighs) are so skinny, but my belly and neck are chunky.
Guess I gotta get to the gym and stop eating fast food!!!!
dh just got out of the shower, so its dinner time. Cereal anyone?

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I love the fall. Everything about it makes me happy. I love the changing leaves, the smell in the air, and I love that I can take the kids out everyday with out being too hot. Today we met up with Kara and walked to the library for storytime. Its so funny, we have lived here almost a year and I never knew she was just across the street. I went to her yard sale, and we have been chatting and getting together since. She has a 2yo and 5yo, its nso nice to have a friend with kids. so the kids loves storytime, and I then took the boys out to lunch. 3x a week I take them to the bagel shop and then to the dollar store to pick out a small toy, and then to dunken donuts so mommy can have coffee and elijah and hayden share one scoop of vanilla ice cream. its kinda become out midday routine and we always have so much fun. it use to be something just elijah and I would do, but now that dh is working more, my alone time with elijah was getting less and less, and I figured he would rather go and have brother along then not go at all, so friday and sunday are elijahs special days to do things with me. He loves the grocery store, actually, he loves all shopping, just being out, so i take him everywhere with me for my weekend errands.
we have been shopping at the consignment store alot lately. they sold a bunch of my stuff so we had a $30 credit to use there. i got the kids some gap clothing, and today I got my husbands cousins baby 3 outfits.

dh and I have been doing a lot of money talk, we currently have 6 credit cards between us, 2 of which we cut up last week, and one is only for best buy for school crap. we were offered a loan from our bank, so i think we are going to take it and pay everything off, all monthly bills, and then just have one payment with a lower interest rate. we will keep 2 cards, one in each name, but we wont use them unless their is an emergency. we have never had a big chunk of money, and there is so much that could and should be done, but I also want to just put a bunch aside. I dont have health insurance but i really need to see a doc so that might be something to do.
well, Hayden is napping so now is a good time to get some stuff done.

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