Countdown to Highschool reunion

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Countdown to Highschool reunion

I decided again to start a new journal. I have so much going on in my life right now, that if I decided to start one for each thing I would have a ttc journal, & an exercise journal so I am just going to start a general journal. A little background information: My name is Emily, I am 28 years old. I have been married to my dh for 5 years, and we had our first child, Logan in November of 06.

TTC background:
We decided to get off bcp in June 05. I got pregnant that first cycle of ttc, but it ended in July w/ a m/c. It was basically a blighted ovum, even though my doctor never used that term. I had a d&c, and within 60 days I had my first af. We then started ttc again after 1 cycle, but it took until several cycles before we got pregnant again. That pregnancy was healthy and everything worked out wonderfully. Logan was born in Nov 06, healthy and huge. We decided to start ttc again when Logan hit a year old. We wanted them to be about 2 years apart, so in January of 08 we began trying again. I got pregnant the first cycle we were ttc. That one ended in March 08 with another m/c and d&c. So now here I am I just finished my first af, so we have decided to begin ttc this go around. We also decided to not chart/use the fertility monitor/etc.. this cycle- just relax and enjoy. So this will be where I put my daily thoughts on the whole process- that way I won't drive dh crazy.

Weightloss Background:
I am considered a petite person, except for my lower extremeties. I have always had a larger lower portion and been smaller up top. When I graduated from high school, 10 years ago, I weighed in at 102 lbs. In college, it quickly started to add up, and by the time I got married (5 years ago) I weighed in at 125 lbs. When I got pregnant with Logan I weighed in at my heaviest (non-pregnant) at 135 lbs. I wasn't happy with this weight, and had begun trying to get in shape before getting pregnant. Due to having a large baby, and nursing I quickly dropped down to 121 lbs last summer (6-7 months after having Logan). Since I stopped nursing, I have regained almost all of the weight I lost. I weighed in this morning at 133 lbs, and for my frame I am not happy with that weight. I have my 10 year reunion coming up in September and I would love to be down to 120 lbs by then.

So this is my new journal. I will check in here often to keep a journal of my exercise/ttc journey.

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Monday June 30th.

Cycle # 1 TTC:
Day # 4- bleeding is slowing down, thankfully no cramping.

Beginning Weight: 133 lbs

Today was day 1 of my new diet. Since this is a week off between POBLC challenges, I am trying the Core Plan on So far today it has been ok. I am going slowly into it, so today I just wrote down everything I ate, but didn't keep track of it all. I will start that tomorrow. Here are some of my new goals that hopefully I will be able to follow this next 8 weeks.

1. Alcohol is only allowed on weekends (only 2 drinks per week)
2. Only allowed 3 drinks of diet coke/coke a week
3. Do 5k training 3 times a week
4. Strength training 2 times a week.
5. Limit carbs, sweets, caffeine.

My food for the day:
breakfast~ 1/2 bagel ww cream cheese, coffee
lunch~ salad w/ grilled chicken & lowfat italian salad dressing (c)
snack~ 1/2 cup fat free yogurt, blueberries, 1/3 c ff granola
dinner~ steak (c), grilled veggies (c), baked potato w/ ff sourcream (c), ww cheese (2), butter
snack~ strawberry shortcake (strawberries w/ splenda, ff rediwhip, cake)

Exercise for the Day: 90 min mow yard (cardio)

Flex Points remaining: 35
Flex points used: 6.5
Activity pts earned/swapped: 4
Flex points remaining for week: 32.5

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Tuesday July 1

I cant believe it is already July. That means I only have 2 months to lose 13 lbs. Agh!! Day 2 of the diet is going pretty well. I am still trying to get use to core, but I am thinking I am doing pretty well. I woke up starving this morning, which is a sure sign that I am dieting. But I have stuck with it, and hopefully I will start seeing a drop on the scale.

I haven't done any actual exercise today, but I may try to make the yoga class tonight, if dh gets home in time. I think it would be a blast. We will see, if not I will try to do the BL strength training video this evening.

As for my goals, so far I am doing well with the alcohol and cokes. Hehe it is only day 2, but I have stayed away from both. Yay me!! I know the only drinking water will definitely help with the weightloss. Time to stop rambling here is my tracker:

Food for the Day: (c)= core, (#)= ww pts
breakfast~ egg beaters (c), 2 pieces center cut bacon (1), salsa (c), banana (c) ~ 1 pt
lunch~ Orzo salad- {orzo (2), green pepper (c), tomatoes (c), chicken (c)}, ff cottage cheese (c) ~ 2 pts
snack~ smartpop w/ olive oil (2tsp) ~0 pts
dinner~ tacos (ground turkey (c), taco sauce (c), lettuce (c), tomatoes (c), onions (c), ff sour cream (c), cheddar cheese (1)) ~ 1 pt

Exercise for the Day: none
Flex Points remaining: 32.5
WW Flex Points Used:10 pts
Activity Points Earned/Swapped: 0 pts
Total Flex points remaining for week: 22.5

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Wednesday July 2nd

Well yesterday was a good day. I realized though that I am still eating too many non core food, but thankfully I am working my way to eating better. If I just exercise a little part each day, I can see that core won't be too hard for me. Last night was good, I did have a diet coke, so I have to count that toward my goal, and we did have dessert last night, but it was a low calorie strawberry shortcake (w/ splenda).

Today I don't have much planned. My neighbor and I finally got back to the gym this morning. We were doing so well a few weeks back, that I have noticed a huge difference since we stopped going. We have had so much stuff going on that it hasn't worked out for the two of us, but starting next week (she is going on vacation) we will be making a really big effort to go 3 days a week to run. We are training for a 5k in October and we were doing so well/ Now I am not sure we will actually be able to run for it, since it is 3 months away, but if we really try we may be able to do it. Anyway we got up this morning and did 20 min of weights, and 25 min of walk/run on the indoor track. So I feel like I got a good workout in this morning. This afternoon though, I plan on trying a workout video I just purchased.

Anyway off to run to the park for a craft/playdate and then to the library. I will check in later.

Food for the Day: (c)= core, (#)= ww pts
breakfast~ kashi bar (2), banana (c) ~ 2 pts
snack~ 1/2 McDonalds hashbrown (3), apples (c) ~3 pts
lunch~ Orzo salad (2), ff cottage cheese (c), cucumbers (c) ~ 2 pts
snack~ smartpop popcorn w/ olive oil (2tsp), skim milk(c)~ 0 pts
dinner~ taco salad (ground turkey (c), taco sauce (c), lettuce (c), tomatoes(c), onions(c), ff sour cream (c), skim milk (c), cheddar cheese (1), taco shells (2) ~ 3 pts

Exercise for the Day: 20 min weights, 25 min walk/run, 20 min Shimmy video (fit tv)

WW flex pts remaining: 22.5
WW flex pts used today: 10
Activity pts earned/swapped: 5
Total flex pts remaining for week: 17.5

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Well I know it is still the same day, but I am kinda upset about the whole core thing right now. I am looking at my food for today, and am realizing that even though I did well today with food, I am having waay too many non core food items and my weekly points are adding up way to quickly. So I am going to have to work on this. I can already tell that I am going to have trouble w/ grains/pasta & dairy. I also feel like I am going to have to eat more protein- I got pretty weak this morning after working out, which hasn't happened before today.

Anyway just a little bit of a vent- I am happy with the way this is going- I feel like I get to eat, but I really want to lose this weight and want to stick with it. Hopefully the next few days will get easier Smile

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July 3

After my freak out last night over the number of points I used, I have calmed down and have done well today. This morning I made an all core breakfast and was pretty happy and satisfied with my breakfast. For lunch, I passed up mcdonald's which never happens, but when I got home I felt so good with myself. This morning my scale said I was down 2 lbs since Monday. I am not going to get my hopes up just yet, since I know my body flutuates daily but I would definitely be happy with that.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and we are going down to visit with extended family. They are picking up pulled pork (bbq) for lunch and have asked us to bring side dishes. I am planning on packing a black bean/corn salsa plus watermelon. I know I probably wont be able to stick to my diet all the way but at least i know there will be some core food for me to eat. Logan is spending this weekend with my inlaws, so I know we will have a busy weekend of non-kid related activities. We hopefully will get some tennis in.

Anyway I am off to pick up our house, finish laundry, and get Logan packed for his trip. A mom's job is never done.

Food for the Day: (c)- core, (#)- pts
breakfast- egg beaters w/ 2 tsp oil (c), salsa (c), cream of wheat w/ blueberries & splenda (c)
lunch- tuna (c), ff mayo (c), sweet relish (0), ritz crackers (2), diet coke (c) ~ 2 pts
dinner~ chicken w/ herbs- no skin (c), corn on the cob w/ butter spray (c), cucumbers/tomato salad (c), ff milk (c)

Activity: 20 min pilate video, 20 min belly dancing video

WW flex pts remaining: 17.5
WW flex pts used today: 2
Activity pts earned/swapped: 2
Total flex pts remaining for week: 17.5

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Wow it has been a few days since I last checked in here. THis has been a hectic weekend, due to the holiday, and I so have not been good. On Friday (the 4th) we went down to a BBQ and I ate ok for my diet. I didn't stay on plan all the way, but I did do ok. I made a black bean corn salsa which was on plan, and ate it. I only had a sliver of pie, but definitely used the rest of my flex points.

The grandparents kept Logan this weekend, so dh and I went out last night for a date. We went out to dinner, and with the popcorn at the movie and then the margarita I definitely didn't stay on plan. But I weighed in this morning and I am down 2 lbs since last week!! YAY!! I am so excited.

Anyway today I will be better- I plan on jumping back on tomorrow with the beginning of the POBLC, and my goal is to lose 8 lbs this challenge (1 lb a week) I can do it!!

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Thurs July 10

Sorry I haven't been around, it is just too many places to check in each day. I am on week 2 of the core diet, and I am loving it. I have lost 3 lbs total since I began the diet, and actually dont feel like I am on a diet at all. There are times I really want to be bad and go to McDonalds, or get ice cream, but those are slowly going away. Today is day 4 of this week, and I have only used 2 flex pts so far this week. I am quite proud of myself.

As for the ttc, not much going on. Af left a few days ago, so now I am in my long wait till I ovulate. We decided this cycle to hold off on the fertility monitor, due to not sure how long my cycle will be and we don't want to have to use too many sticks. So we are just going to go with it this cycle. Next cycle, we will jump back into everything (fertility sticks, etc..)

I am kinda having a hard time recently. So many of my friends are getting pregnant. I am so happy for them, but it just makes me sad to think where I would be right now if my m/c had worked out. I would probably have already found out what I was having, and would have been halfway through the pregnancy. Oh well, things happen for a reason and who knows maybe soon I will be pregnant again. It worked out that way with Logan, if I had not had the first m/c, then I wouldn't have gotten pregnant with him Smile And he is definitely a blessing!!